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Jan 14, 2011 07:37 PM

EARLY breakfast in the Mission/Glenpark

A friend has a long layover in SF and wants to meet for an early breakfast (~8am) breakfast in the city. She needs to get back to the airport by 10:30ish.

Any recommendations for places open early, not too busy, that's within a 10 min walk from a BART station? Either Mission or Glen Park?

Would love to take her to Tartine - she's a baker who trained with Arizmendi way back - but I'm afraid of the wait. Also considering Higher Ground on Chenery.


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  1. Caffe Bello is across the street from Glen Park BART and has good coffee and tea. Then you could walk up to Destination Bakery on Chenery, which has better baked goods.

    I like Higher Ground, but it wouldn't be my first pick. Tartine is a scene at any time of the day, but especially at 8.

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      Yes, especially if your friend is a baker, Caffe Bello pastries would not do it. In addition to Destination Bakery, Canyon Market has an outdoor seating area and some pastries and breakfast sandwiches. So that's another food option.

      Canyon Market
      2815 Diamond Street, San Francisco, CA

    2. Tartine usually has no wait at 8 am on weekdays.

      Arizmendi has a new location at 24th & Valencia, very near 24/Mission BART, and open at 7 am weekdays and 8 am weekends. Closed Tuesdays.

      1. Not sure if a good basic breakfast place, kind of old style, would satisfy. If so, Tyger's is a solid choice for omelets etc. It's in Glen Park, at the corner of Chenery and Diamond.

        2798 Diamond St, San Francisco, CA 94131

        1. note that Tartine doesn't actually serve any "meal" food until after 11 (except for their croque monseiur), so it'd be good for pastries, but you'd still need to eat a proper breakfast somewhere else.

          That being said, Mission Beach Cafe would be a good bet; open at 9am, great breakfast and in-house baked goods

          Mission Beach Cafe
          198 Guerrero St., San Francisco, CA 94103