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Where to find fresh turmeric root?

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Anyone know where I can find fresh turmeric root in the Boston area? I'm in Cambridge, so nearby would be great, but I'm guessing options are limited.

It looks like this: http://importfood.com/media/fresh_tur...

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  1. Here's a thread from a few years back on the same question - you may find some useful leads there (except ignore the recommendations for Penzey's and Christina's, which sell dried spices and herbs, not fresh.)


    1. I've seen it a few times at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods. Bought it there, too.

      1. I've bought it at one of those Cambodian markets in Revere...can't remember the name but it's often discussed on this board so you'll be able to find it by searching. It freezes well, so when you find it, buy a lot.

        1. Sometimes I have found it at Russo's, sometimes at Waltham India Grocery. It comes and goes. If there is a particular season for it, I don't know what it might be. You might call Russo's or your favorite Whole Foods and ask.

          1. angkor thom market on shirley ave in revere

            1. Not quite fresh, but at least whole: I noticed it frozen at the Hong Kong Market (erstwhile Super88) in Allston, in a little section with some frozen Southeast Asian roots and leafs. (Frozen purple yam, dahon ng sili, etc.)

              Then again, that was a while ago, and it's hard to predict what's there now- it appears that they haven't been restocking much, at least as far as Southeast Asian things are concerned- since they brought in the initial shipments. (For example, the very same freezer shelf used to contain a selection of excellent frozen hopia/filipino mooncakes, but I realized after I gradually bought them all that they were never coming back, and the inferior hopia in the refrigerator section--marked "keep frozen", no expiry--gradually dwindled to the same few packages of an inferior flavor that wait around hopefully) So, there's no guarantee- but if frozen is OK, it could be worth a check!

              1. Success! A huge mound of perfect-looking fresh turmeric at Russo's, right next to the galangal. And this after their produce guy told me on the phone that they were out and wouldn't get more until next week.

                Thanks for all the tips!