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Hendersonville, NC Recs?

We are in Hendersonville, NC for about 4 nights. Looking mostly for places to have dinner, rather than lunch, breakfast or brunch.

I know that there are some nice places on Main street, and if there are any that are highly recommended, we're interested (especially if they can be considered bargains or really exceptional).

But since we are there for several nights, we are looking for dinners that can be considered inexpensive (cheap?) - ethnic food is perfect. Happy hour specials work well, too. Half-off wine with dinner deals?

Suggestions please?

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  1. West First Pizza (a nice restaurant that also has pasta dishes at night) is BY FAR the class of h'ville. I have not been to Flight or Vue , but as for just about everything else on Main St., or in all of h'ville for that matter, West First is far superior.

    There was a fantastic hole in the wall carribbean place that would have been perfect for you, but apparently H'ville didn't support it.

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      That is actually still in Hendersonville, but it moved up rt. 25 across from Ingles. It's called "The Carribean" now (used to be "One Love"). Easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Although supposedly has a Facebook page? Haven't been yet. Some say it's very good, others say it's hit and miss.

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        According to Carolina Epicurean, The Carribean is at 1971 Hendersonville Road, across from Ingles. For those of us who have been missing their collards, cornbread, and jerk chicken, this is great news. Yay!

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          thanks SO much for that bit of info!! I had no idea.

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            finally found the FB page...hope the link works.

      2. Umi, at the other end of Main, has good apps and sushi. (Entrees only so-so.)

        1. Second the West First rec. Great food, good prices, good energy/atmosphere. They do not take reservations though, so you might have to wait, but it's not usually long. We just sit at the bar (had an excellent pear/ginger martini last time!).

          Also love Umi for sushi. I am no sushi expert, but for the more American sushi, we like it.

          We love Never Blue for tapas (same block as West First, but on Main). Latin flavors mostly. We go there a few times/month. Their only downfall is occasionally sketchy service, so wear your "patience hat". Great food and if you stick to the tapas size, great prices too. Most of their tapas are ample portions. Drinks and desserts are a little pricey, but good (and all homemade - drink syrups too) if you want to splurge. They do great specials during the week - $2 tapas (smaller portion than regular tapas) and $5 margaritas on Wed. and $7 martinis on Thurs. The only thing I've had there that I wasn't crazy about was the $2 nacho special - needed more "goo" for my taste.

          The new Lime Leaf on Main is good for Thai. Pretty space and good prices. We actually like upstairs (bar area) better than downstairs. More cozy to me. they have some cool seating areas up there.

          Skip Flight - overpriced and lately, I've heard very hot and cold quality.

          I have heard great things about Vue under the new ownership, but haven't been yet. It's a really nice space. Dark and cozy. It's also a wine bar. a bit pricey though.

          We like Mean Mr. Mustard's for breakfast and lunch. Wasn't terribly impressed with dinner (different chef), but we haven't been a long time.

          For GREAT fried chicken, Daddy D's on 7th is good. Sides range from ok to very good. Service can be HORRIBLE there though, so wear two patience hats! haha that would be a lunch rec though, not dinner (not the best part of town).

          Mrs. G & Me's has good food and a nice atmosphere. Wouldn't call it a bargain, but you could look at their menu and decide.

          There is a new (opened in the summer) pie shop on Main too (across from Mast General). Tiny and not very organized, but good prices ($3?) and my pie was good. I've only been once though, so no clue how it's held up long term.

          Have fun! (that Lime Leaf link is the same restauarant - just their other location)

          Lime Leaf
          101 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

          Never Blue
          119 S Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792

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            Great list for H'ville. I'd skip Mrs G & Me, but definitely add Sq 1 Bistro. Chef/owner sources locally when possible and makes his own (absolutely delicious) sausages. Can't get better comfort food during this cold, cold winter.


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              just a heads-up that Sq 1 is closed for 6 weeks for a remodel and menu overhaul. re-opening on March 7th.

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                Thanks, I saw that this morning on Carolina Epicurean. I will sure miss the butter lettuce salad and the sausage dinner until then.

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              thanks for all that! You mentioned Lime Leaf had another location. where?

              never heard of Mrs. G and Me, what/where is that?

              I wonder if Mean MR. Mustard's dinner chef is the same as Saturday lunch? (you may remember we kinda hated the place)

              Funny comment about the pie shop. Thought the pie was pretty good, but the process was odd and so was the proprietor.

              Lime Leaf
              101 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

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                Lime Leaf is in Spartanburg.

                Lime Leaf
                101 E Main St, Spartanburg, SC 29306

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                  yup, Lime Leaf's original location is Spartanburg, but they opened this second location in Hendersonville last year in the old La Riserva location.

                  Mrs. G&Me is on the corner next to Kilwin's. I've had good food there and I like the interior and I like the owner, but we just never think to go there. I guess it just doesn't have something unique or special to draw us in.

                  ya, that pie lady is strange. Thought the pie was tasty albeit not particularly well presented.

                  don't know re: MMM. We've had good breakfasts and lunches, but I haven't been in probably a year. I'm not a big lunch girl and I like sweet breakfasts (although I like their take on eggs benedict), so maybe it's just our different tastes that result in a different experience?

            3. We were there for a couple of days and enjoyed Never Blue and Sq 1. We happened to have good service both places.

              Never Blue
              119 S Main St, Hendersonville, NC 28792