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Jan 14, 2011 04:27 PM

WL Weller?

Maybe I'm imagining, but I keep seeing WL Weller expressions that I feel like are new. I think the cask-proof William Larue Weller is amazing but I didn't act quick enough to grab one this year. Any feedback? If it was a slightly-more-complex wheated bourbon to beat Maker's Mark, I'd jump on it.

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  1. The current Weller line up includes WL Weller Special Reserve, Weller Antique 107 (formerly a 7 year old but now without an age statement), and the Weller 12 year old as well as the William Larue Weller that you mentioned. The William Larue is fabulous. The others are very good, particularly the 12 and the Antique. I see them as more complex than Maker's and they are certainly less sweet than Maker's.

    If you want something along the lines of the William Larue Weller for a similar price, you might want to try the Parker's Heritage Collection 10 year old Wheated Bourbon, an absolutely fabulous, cask strength wheated Bourbon from Heaven Hill that rivals the William Larue.

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      I think the Antique is an excellent bourbon, particularly for the price, and it's become a standby bourbon for use in cocktails at home. That being said, it's certainly smooth and complex enough to sip (I usually drink it with one ice cube). As far as being a substitute for Makers, I do believe it's better and $5-$10 cheaper to boot. I say, give it a shot.

      1. re: tomjb27

        Cool. Will get some to try. I think the Special Reserve and 12 year are the ones I hadn't noticed before.

      2. re: sku

        I'll just add that I think the Antique 107 is a splendid bourbon of its type. I like it far better than Maker's Mark, and don't think the Wm Larue Weller is really enough better to warrant the $50 price delta. If you can find a good single-barrel version (I've found several in Covington/Newport KY), it can be an experience quite remarkable for $20/bottle.

      3. The Antique amazes me every time I pour it....and for the price.....jump on it!!!