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Jan 14, 2011 03:10 PM

North Austin food trucks - lunchtime

I know board members are into the trailer/truck scene so I thought I'd post that three trucks come weekly around noon to the Google building (Stonebridge I) at Mopac and 183.

Tuesdays - Short Bus Subs
Wednesdays - The Peached Tortilla
Thursdays - Chi-Lantro

I've had Short Bus. The sandwiches are tasty, but really small for what they are charging. Not a great value. I haven't tried the other two.

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  1. That's wonderful news! I'm right here at Ohlen and 183 and didn't know that! I'm so there!

    Funny, I tried googling your building and can't find it! You're up somewhere near Arbor Walk; right?

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    1. re: amysuehere

      9600 N. Mopac Expy, 78759. It's the two large buildings with Bucca di Beppo (dreadful) next to it, and Baby A's Stonelake (at least the soup is good) behind it. There is free visitor parking in the bottom floor of the garage if that has you worried (no ticket to take or anything like that).

      1. re: TheBadWolf

        Thanks! I had a taco at Chi-Lantro at the Trailer Wars and it was really very good. The line for the Peeached Tortilla was too long, but the food looked quite good. Nice to know they're so convenient to my work!

        1. re: amysuehere

          The Peached Tortilla is awesome. Their banh mi slider and BBQ brisket taco are fabulous. Also, try the bacon ranch and truffle mayo sauce with fries.

          1. re: Rebecca Williamson

            No offense, but everything about the phrase "banh mi slider" makes me furious.

    2. I really enjoy ChiLantro. Their kimchee fries are DELISH. Fries topped with all kinds of goodness, cheese, your choice of protein (spicy chicken is my fav) and kimchee. I like the kimchee topped spicy pork tacos, too. Haven't had a kimchee topped burger yet but a friends is addicted. I enjoy Short Bus subs...when I had them, about 10 months ago, they were quite large. I wonder if they are using smaller buns now? The Teacher's Pet sub is yum.

      1. Looks like the Peached Tortilla is across the street in the Arboretum complex on Thursday as well. Maybe I'll do a "mini-tour" and go get something at Chi-Lantro and then go across the street to try something at PT.

        1. All i can offer right now is a maybe. and maybe someone knows more than i do. A friend of mine has a son that chefed at what was the old Sienna (I believe that was the one) She told me he was going to get a truck and open up on Burnet Rd. i got the impression that it would be in the Farmer's Market where The Pour House is now. Any news on that?

          1. Is the parking any good at the Google building? Often these corporate office parks suck to park at. Chi-lantro often is at the domain much more convenient for parking. Short Bus subs also goes there for lunch.

            Also, I went to Peached Tortilla once downtown and other than the fried peaches was not very impressed. Chi-lantro is good not great. Looking forward to try Short Bus since they have have gotten good reviews.