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7-Bone Roast

rudeboy Jan 14, 2011 01:29 PM

I'd like to roast a 7-bone, but I've had trouble finding them lately. Clues?

I could also use any other sort of beef roast that has a bone in it. With marrow, even better.

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  1. agoodbite RE: rudeboy Jan 14, 2011 01:46 PM

    I see them on occasion at the HEB on Far West and H says he's seen them at the one on E. 7th. The one on Far West has a great, accommodating meat counter. I bet if you called them, they could get one in for you if they don't have any on hand.

    Please report back on where you find one.

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    1. re: agoodbite
      girloftheworld RE: agoodbite Jan 14, 2011 02:31 PM

      we got ours at HEB at the 620 Round Rock.... cooked in rock salt and served it with yorkshire pudding yummmmmmmy

      1. re: girloftheworld
        rudeboy RE: girloftheworld Jan 14, 2011 04:24 PM

        Thanks for the infor, y'all. I'm near the Burnet/2222 HEB, which almost doubled in size. Remarkably, they didn't do anything to the meat market. All they have is top round and bottom round!

    2. sqwertz RE: rudeboy Jan 14, 2011 07:00 PM

      All HEB's have these daily. You just have to ask early in the morning or the day before - before they cut them all up for steaks.

      CostCo can also get them with a day's notice. Restaurant Depot has Choice for $5.87/lb (Select for $4.29 or so).


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      1. re: sqwertz
        rudeboy RE: sqwertz Jan 15, 2011 05:28 AM

        Thanx squertz - I ended up buying a beef shank, but unfortunately, it was cut into four slices. I'll braise that today.

        What steaks do a 7-bone roast turn into? It doesn't seem like that particular cut would make a great steak.

        1. re: rudeboy
          Steven Dilley RE: rudeboy Jan 15, 2011 09:35 AM

          Sqwertz might have been thinking 7-bone rib roast, which was my first thought as well, before I realized you were talking about a 7-bone chuck roast.

          (Although I have seen that cut into steaks before but haven't tried one. Tangentially, I made several pork shoulder steaks over the summer, cooked to around medium, and the texture--and flavor--was wonderful. Pork shoulder, obviously, being primarily a braising cut.)

          1. re: Steven Dilley
            JustThinkin RE: Steven Dilley Jan 15, 2011 09:53 AM

            Since rudeboy is talking about roasting a 7 Bone - I assume he is talking about a 7 Bone Rib Roast. A 7 Bone Chuck Roast would be one tough cut of meat when roasted. I rarely see the full rib (7 bones roast) at market but often see Small End Rib Roast (Ribs 1-3) or Large End Rib Roast (Ribs 4-7) in market. The small end rib roast is a little more tender than the large end roast. As far as 7 Bone Chuck Roast - the only steak I have every seen them cut into are 7 Bone Chuck Steaks - the same as the roast only thinner. Great for pot roast or beef stew.

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