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Jan 14, 2011 01:29 PM

7-Bone Roast

I'd like to roast a 7-bone, but I've had trouble finding them lately. Clues?

I could also use any other sort of beef roast that has a bone in it. With marrow, even better.

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  1. I see them on occasion at the HEB on Far West and H says he's seen them at the one on E. 7th. The one on Far West has a great, accommodating meat counter. I bet if you called them, they could get one in for you if they don't have any on hand.

    Please report back on where you find one.

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    1. re: agoodbite

      we got ours at HEB at the 620 Round Rock.... cooked in rock salt and served it with yorkshire pudding yummmmmmmy

      1. re: girloftheworld

        Thanks for the infor, y'all. I'm near the Burnet/2222 HEB, which almost doubled in size. Remarkably, they didn't do anything to the meat market. All they have is top round and bottom round!

    2. All HEB's have these daily. You just have to ask early in the morning or the day before - before they cut them all up for steaks.

      CostCo can also get them with a day's notice. Restaurant Depot has Choice for $5.87/lb (Select for $4.29 or so).


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      1. re: sqwertz

        Thanx squertz - I ended up buying a beef shank, but unfortunately, it was cut into four slices. I'll braise that today.

        What steaks do a 7-bone roast turn into? It doesn't seem like that particular cut would make a great steak.

        1. re: rudeboy

          Sqwertz might have been thinking 7-bone rib roast, which was my first thought as well, before I realized you were talking about a 7-bone chuck roast.

          (Although I have seen that cut into steaks before but haven't tried one. Tangentially, I made several pork shoulder steaks over the summer, cooked to around medium, and the texture--and flavor--was wonderful. Pork shoulder, obviously, being primarily a braising cut.)

          1. re: Steven Dilley

            Since rudeboy is talking about roasting a 7 Bone - I assume he is talking about a 7 Bone Rib Roast. A 7 Bone Chuck Roast would be one tough cut of meat when roasted. I rarely see the full rib (7 bones roast) at market but often see Small End Rib Roast (Ribs 1-3) or Large End Rib Roast (Ribs 4-7) in market. The small end rib roast is a little more tender than the large end roast. As far as 7 Bone Chuck Roast - the only steak I have every seen them cut into are 7 Bone Chuck Steaks - the same as the roast only thinner. Great for pot roast or beef stew.