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Jan 14, 2011 01:09 PM

What are you planning for your Super Bowl party?

What are y'all making for all the football we are going to be watching?


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  1. Pizza and beer
    Oven fried chicken
    Pot Stickers and beer
    Antipasto platter
    Focaccia and beer
    Broccoli with garlic dip for the vegetarians

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    1. Our go-to is usually to set up a few different soups or a chili (1 vegetarian, with butternut squash and a variety of beans, but definitely something vegetarian) in crockpots, and then do a carving station; generally a home-roasted turkey, a spiral-cut ham, and either a tenderloin or shredded chuck in onion gravy; basket of rolls, mayo, aioli, good mustards........and just get out of the way. People who attend will be bringing the other suspects: chile con queso, spinach dip, wings, and some pizza. A good time will be had by all. Burp.

      1. Braised pork w three peppers, homemade bread.

        1. Whole brisket of Montreal style smoked meat, heated in a steam table then sliced thin on my slicer. It'll be a serve-yourself set-up with mounds of warm kimmel rye and different mustards. Gotta make a vegetarian dish for a friend's wife, most likely a curry-something.
          Then various finger foods (gotta have wings, right?).

          1. We did a muffaletta "The best sandwich in America" last year, in honor of the Saints, and I haven't stopped thinking about how good it was, so that's what's happening this year again, no Saints required. That, beer for me, a non-alcoholic something for mrbushy, and maple creme brulee, for a nod to New England.

            Go Pats!