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What are you planning for your Super Bowl party?

What are y'all making for all the football we are going to be watching?


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  1. Pizza and beer
    Oven fried chicken
    Pot Stickers and beer
    Antipasto platter
    Focaccia and beer
    Broccoli with garlic dip for the vegetarians

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    1. Our go-to is usually to set up a few different soups or a chili (1 vegetarian, with butternut squash and a variety of beans, but definitely something vegetarian) in crockpots, and then do a carving station; generally a home-roasted turkey, a spiral-cut ham, and either a tenderloin or shredded chuck in onion gravy; basket of rolls, mayo, aioli, good mustards........and just get out of the way. People who attend will be bringing the other suspects: chile con queso, spinach dip, wings, and some pizza. A good time will be had by all. Burp.

      1. Braised pork w three peppers, homemade bread.

        1. Whole brisket of Montreal style smoked meat, heated in a steam table then sliced thin on my slicer. It'll be a serve-yourself set-up with mounds of warm kimmel rye and different mustards. Gotta make a vegetarian dish for a friend's wife, most likely a curry-something.
          Then various finger foods (gotta have wings, right?).

          1. We did a muffaletta "The best sandwich in America" last year, in honor of the Saints, and I haven't stopped thinking about how good it was, so that's what's happening this year again, no Saints required. That, beer for me, a non-alcoholic something for mrbushy, and maple creme brulee, for a nod to New England.

            Go Pats!

            1. oooh this is a good one! the bf moved in to my flat a few months ago and is missing his "boys time" so i want to throw a superbowl party for them - and then leave them to it! especially as i think it'll be the middle of the night here...

              will keep an eye on the thread for ideas but i think chicken wings, potato skins and beer beer beer are their usual fare

              1. Cheesesteaks and pierogies.

                GO STEELERS!!

                1. We'll do meatball sandwiches, hot roast pork sandwiches with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe on Sarcone's bread, (if we can get it) and maybe a hoagie tray or a hoagie dip. Of course, we'll have trays of assorted cheeses, soprasatta, pepperoni, and long hot peppers.

                  Stuff that can be kept warm in crock pots, or set out on trays, so that I can watch the game and not have to babysit food in the kitchen.

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                    Talk to me about this pork sandwich....what cut of pork and how do you prep the rabe? My brother in law insisted that Italian beef sandwiches have rabe. Here in Chicago, they do not. Now I see this post and I am curious. I have never heard of rabe in a sandwich.

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                      The rost pork sandwich with garlicky rabe and aged provolone is a Philadelphia classic favorite. Totally delicious. Cheesesteaks, step aside.

                      Here's a thread on the subject so, if you can't get to Philly, you can recreate this wonder at home:


                  2. I am going with a New Orleans theme. I am making a shrimp gumbo and a spicy jambalya. Actually suggestions for desserts and side dishes would be appreciated.

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                      If it's a NOLA themed menu, cornbread or biscuits are fine with gumbo and jambalaya. I think of gumbo and jambalaya as pretty complete dishes. An Italian style mixed vegetable salad, with olives, anchovies, garlic, capers and a spicy dressing, might be a nice addition.

                      A good warm bread pudding is in order for dessert, with a bourbon cream sauce, or pecan pie bars, banana pudding, pralines or a praline cheesecake, or maybe just bananas Foster. If you're a somewhat skilled baker, maybe a Doberge cake, as a showstopper.

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                        Yum and fun! Potato salad (with eggs) is often served beside gumbo as a traditional accompaniment. Don't forget crusty french bread and saltine crackers.

                        Regarding dessert, I would consider a king cake. It screams New Orleans, and it is Mardi Gras season. (Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with being 6 months pregnant and really craving a strawberry cream cheese one :). Other options to consider include pralines or a type of praline cake/cheesecake, bananas foster with vanilla ice cream, or warmed pecan pie (also topped with good vanilla ice cream). Best of luck, and enjoy!!

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                          Oh, so true about the potato salad as a gumbo side, very old skool traditional.

                      2. I only have a "maybe" list right now. Yes, it's all gonna be low/moderate carb.

                        Spicy, sweet roasted nuts.
                        BLT dip with veggies and flatbread crackers
                        Monterey Jack "chips"
                        Ham, Neufchatel and scallion roll-ups
                        Meatballs (big ones, not the tiny kind) in a Swedish-meatball style cream sauce
                        And we always have to have hot, sweet baby gherkins. I get the SF kind and split a habanero chili in half, leaving the stem intact. That'll get the gherkins hot in a matter of days. I keep filling the jar with new gherkins for months, using the same habanero.
                        Fudge balls or maybe Coconut Orange Cheesecake Balls or maybe......

                        1. Last home tailgate wanted to create something a little different. I made a buffalo type rissotto refrigerated it, made a rice ball with goat cheese ( blue cheese crumble would also be pretty good) in the center. Egg washed them coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried them. Came out awesome.

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                          1. Pork Tinga from CI but with adjustments from the discussion on this forum. My sister and I both acquired different Rick Bayless books recently and I have the ones from Diana Kennedy so we are still considering the rest of the menu.

                            1. Well Brats of course. We're Packer fans. And some chicken wings, and salsa - looking for some dessert that I could make in a green and gold theme that isn't a cupcake. Like maybe a white chocolate bar with something green and gold - dried pineapple and ????