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Jan 14, 2011 01:00 PM

An Amazing Breakfast Experience

I have eaten at many breakfast establishments all over Monmouth County. I truly love Mike's West End Deli on Ocean Ave in Long Branch. The experience is hard to explain. I know they are a deli, but breakfast there beats all. They have hot sandwiches. omelettes, and pancakes to die for. The portions are fair and the pricing is okay. To add to the experience they have 3 girls that work there that are all a riot! Strike up a conversation with them and enjoy your meal. Who doesn't want comedy hour at breakfast? I have met many of their regular customers that have been going there for years and keep coming back. The place is truly a hidden gem!

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  1. What other breakfast establishments have you eaten at?

    1. Sorry Sam- As they advertise themselves as a "deli and bagel" store, I stopped in to get some bagels. First of all, they don't bake their own, (told me they get them from a bagel factory). And secondly, the bagels they sell were terrible!! Even though I asked for well done bagels, these were doughy, and mushy. Have never been back. Not a place for me. Rather go to a diner!

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      1. re: sockster

        Do you mean to suggest that this breakfast establishment isn't chow-worthy?!

        1. re: sockster

          When they're not made on site, they are likely to be not so good. A freshly made one, even when only so-so, is usually better than any factory made one.

          But that is a reflection on the bagels, not the rest of the menu. I'll be near there in the morning in a couple weeks and might stop in to see if I concur with Sam.

          1. re: cantkick

            Well said cantkick. Gosh darn bagel snobs.

            1. re: cantkick

              So is the distinction hand-made versus machine-made, or is it freshness of factory-made bagels prepared the evening before?

              1. re: GraydonCarter

                Hard to tell. The "factory" ones certainly aren't as fresh, and have to be modified to hold up for a longer period of time, but no way to tell about hand vs machine. Dunkin's are made fresh, but they aren't very good.

                1. re: cantkick

                  I would have to say that a good bagel is boiled and then baked. That is the traditional way.

                    1. re: equal_Mark

                      actually sub par bagels are just baked like a Dunkin Doughnut bagel, duh.

            2. re: sockster

              I'm curious, if they don't bake them onsite, how could they cook one well done. Its not like they could put one back in the oven.

              1. re: chileheadmike

                Presumably some are more well-done than others. Just like if you're buying rolls at a supermarket.