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Jan 14, 2011 12:17 PM

What are the best barbecue restaurants that ship nationally?

I have seen that many barbecue restaurants will ship nationally. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions?

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  1. Never had them shipped...It's rather expensive.....Elvis used to have loads of them shipped to Vegas from here......http://www.hogsfly.com/

      1. Corky's in Memphis. Order them dry, not wet for the religious experience.

        1. Since what constitutes barbeque is an whole debate unto itself, before I zeroed in on any of these, I would ask, :What sort of Q do I want?" I live in Central Texas and it seems that several of the famed locals will ship. I have never tried shipped barbecue but wonder if some kinds transport better than others. Brisket right out of the smoker is way better than brisket reheated the next day.