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Jan 14, 2011 12:17 PM

What are the best barbecue restaurants that ship nationally?

I have seen that many barbecue restaurants will ship nationally. Has anyone done this? Any suggestions?

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  1. Never had them shipped...It's rather expensive.....Elvis used to have loads of them shipped to Vegas from here......

      1. Corky's in Memphis. Order them dry, not wet for the religious experience.

        1. Since what constitutes barbeque is an whole debate unto itself, before I zeroed in on any of these, I would ask, :What sort of Q do I want?" I live in Central Texas and it seems that several of the famed locals will ship. I have never tried shipped barbecue but wonder if some kinds transport better than others. Brisket right out of the smoker is way better than brisket reheated the next day.