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Jan 14, 2011 12:16 PM

Planned dining in Chicago


I've been researching restaurants, etc for an upcoming Chicago trip at the end of March.

It will be by husband & myself, arriving on a Wednesday pm and leaving Saturday afternoon. Of course there are far more places I want to try than we will have time for!

I have a plan for the most part, but had some questions.

Wed night: arriving around 5 pm. Our hotel (Amalfi on Kinzie in River North) has a complimentary drinks & hors d'ouevres that we will probably take advantage of when we first get there. After settling in I would like to go to Bin 36 for wine & cheese flights.

Then possibly the signature lounge in the Hancock bldg for dessert and drinks.

Thursday lunch:
La Madia or The Russian Tea Room (leaning to the latter). We will be going to the Art Insitute for the Thursday free night from 5 to 8, so will be in the area during the afternoon.

Thursday dinner: Girl & Goat, have 8:15 pm reservation already. Thinking I should switch to 8:30, since the free hours at the AIC goes until 8...

Friday lunch:
Les Colonial, but open to other ideas

Friday dinner:
Reservations for Perennial. My husband wants to go to a gallery that is also in the Lincoln park area, but we would have to go there mid afteroon (gallery closes at 5).

Are there any good bars like Sable, Gilt or Watershed in that area to get us through to the 7 pm dinner reservation?
Or I can move dinner earlier. Since it is Friday, I'm thinking the bars will get busier later rather than earlier, so would rather go earlier to a bar.

Speaking of Sable, Gilt, etc, I would like to try at least one of those, too, but not sure when we can fit it in!

Saturday I think we will be going to the Museum of Science & Industry for the majority of the day, so will have to do lunch there.

Thoughts on my plan?


Bin 36
339 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60610

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  1. First off, great choice of hotel - the Amalfi is wonderful. And their cocktail reception is as well - not like your standard hotel bad glass of wine deal, they serve great drinks and a full antipasto type spread. (When I moved to Chicago, the company I worked for put me up there initially and I was rather surprised when I stopped for a drink and was asked if Bombay Saphire was acceptable for my G&T ... friends love the Amalfitini's as well). I might suggest you stroll up to Sable rather than going to Bin36 - it's just a few blocks and you could continue with good drinks and a great selection of small plates - as light or substantial as you find yourself wanting (and super deserts)

    I'd also suggest a lunch or snack at Xoco - fun food and an easy way to get a taste of Bayless ... I'm a big fan of their hot chocolates.

    For drinks before Perennial, it's not a long walk from Gemini Bistrot which is a great neighborhood bistrot with good good bar. Also, since you'll be in the area, you might instead stroll down Wells Street to the Spice House to pick up some of their awesome spices - then have a drink and maybe the Guacamole at Adobo on your way to Perennial.

    Sounds like a great plan overall ...

    449 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

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      Thanks for the help!

      Gemini looks perfect, will definitely visit there if the timing works out.

      Xoco looks good too; I hadn't considered it seriously before. We just may need those hot chocolates, depending on the weather :-).

      I think we'll plan on Sable instead of Bin 36 as you suggested, too. I can get good wine & cheese here, but classic or unusual cocktails are harder to come by!

      Bin 36
      275 Parkway Dr, Lincolnshire, IL

      449 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60654

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        Have lunch after your visit to the Museum of Science and Industry at La Petite Folie. It's a few block from the museum and has plenty of free parking.


        La Petite Folie
        1504 E 55th St, Chicago, IL 60615

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