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Restaurant Advice Needed?

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My parents will be coming to visit and I am looking for a restaurant with great food and good portions and a casual atmosphere. I live in the Northeast suburbs of ATL. Any place around there but also toward the midtown area is great too. I need to expand my horizons.

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  1. Curious. What do you mean by "good portions?"
    Are your parents paying? How much do you want to spend? That will make a big difference in your choice.

    1. Swallow at the Hallow in Roswell may fit the bill. Good size portions and large pies for dessert. They often have live music making for a fun atmosphere.

      1. Try The Colonnade, or Mary Mac's Tea Room.

        Mary Mac's Tea Room
        Atlanta, GA, Atlanta, GA

        1. Greenwood's on Green Street in Roswell is modern southern food in large portions with some of the best pies in the area - directly across from the commonly owned Swallow at the Hollow, which has very good bbq.

          1. I too like Greenwoods---if you like Itailian Id try Alfredos off Clairmont--its been there forever and serves authentic southern Italian mostly,and always take home lots of food.They tend to get crowded so Id make a reservation--Im from the Bronx and its very close to the real Italian id get there

            1. Sugo Italian Restaurant is excellent. One location is on Roswell Rd. The food is amazing!

              1. By NE Suburbs, are you talking out in Gwinnett County somewhere, or closer in, Doraville, etc? What are your parents' tastes, and thresholds for cost and 'style'? If they are folks for whom Olive Garden and similar chains are their standard, and oriental cusine too 'out there,' the furthest I would test them as you head in I-85 would be Violette on Clairmont or, as recommended elsewhere, Alfredo's, which is on Chesire Bridge. Alfredo's is the quintessential 60s-70s neighborhood Italian, my wife's now-passed Mom and Aunt [born in the 20s in NJ] loved it. If they are more adventurous and have more sophisticated palates, Floataway is a good bet though 'good portions' is in the eye of the beholder. Many of the recommendations given aren't close to the NE suburbs, but give us more detail and the 'Hounds are here to help!

                Floataway Cafe
                1123 Zonolite Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306-2015