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Renton - any ideas?

Will be in Renton for about a week, Tues-Mon visiting my mom.

Anything good in the area? I am pretty unfamiliar with the Seattle area in general so even if I have to travel a bit, would appreciate any suggestions. Hole in the wall breakfast spots, great sandwiches, nice dinner spots, etc.

I will eat anything/everything but would like to try foods that are unique to the area. Coming from Brooklyn.

Sorry for giving such a broad scope - I figure I'll have time to try a lot of stuff.


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  1. In Renton, I like Naan N Curry (a pakistani/indian place), and Pabla (a Punjabi vegetarian joint, with a good sweet shop/grocery attached). There is a dim sum house in the Renton highlands that is well-liked, Tea Palace. There are likely some gems that haven't been dug yet, and I have a certain Mexican butcher serving tacos al pastor and a Guatemalan bakery on my list. That being said, you will find that Renton is mostly full of fast-food chains, unremarkable teriyaki, thai, and pho shops and insipid "family mexican restaurants."

    On the whole, much better and more numerous options for what you are seeking are not far away in Seattle's southern half, or even Bellevue's downtown. Check related threads.

    Naan N Curry
    709 S 3rd St, Renton, WA 98057

    Tea Palace Restaurant
    2828 Sunset, Renton, WA 98055

    1. For a great breakfast or lunch drive to Columbia City to Geraldine's. It's on Rainier Ave which you can take right out of downtown Renton. If you are indeed partial to a curry, take the time to drive to Bellevue-- (about 20 miles) and sample the lunch buffet at Taj Palace. It's the best I ever found and I've tried most. If you want some Chinese food also take the drive to Bellevue and sample the Honey Walnut prawns and dry fried string beans at The Bamboo Garden. I live in Renton and often DRIVE to eat out! I hope your visit with Mom works out well.

      Bamboo Garden
      202 106th Pl NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

      1. CH, Seattle's International District is not that far away. Dishes you won't find in Brooklyn include the Szechuan Crab at Seven Stars Pepper restaurant. This dish is crazy good. Also recommended are Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf and Hing Loon. Near Renton on the East Valley Highway is Imperial Garden which offers excellent dim sum. (If you have dinner, order seafood from the menu--especially shrimp.) I strongly suggest visiting the upstairs bar at Maximillien's at the Market and order the mussels. (They are fresh every day from nearby Whidbey Island.) A dish work seeking out are the "hot wing" Frog's legs at Quinns. Very tasty For breakfast, I suggest you get to Pike Place Market early (i.e. 7:00 a.m.) and eat at Lowell's; then watch the market come to life as vendors arrive. At LOLA, Tom's Big Breakfast is something you won't find back home--guaranteed. For Saturday, have the biscuits and gravy at Emmer & Rye--like nothing you have experienced. (Saturdays only) And if you are a die-hard Chowhound, hit the menu at Long's Provincial and remember just what the soul of Chowhound is all about. Enjoy your visit!

        Pike Place Market
        1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101

        Tamarind Tree
        1036 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98104

        Hing Loon Restaurant
        628 S Weller St, Seattle, WA 98104

        1. I am from Brooklyn too and live in Renton(Highlands).

          Please bring Brooklyn,NY pizza,Bagels and Coney Island Knishes.....which most people
          here in Seattle area don't even know about.

          Totally agree with equinoise....

          and as far as breakfast goes,you'd be hard pressed to beat a Brooklyn,NY Greek Diner
          for their delicious Corned Beef Hash/eggs,etc.....

          Good luck on your food quest.

          I'd be interested in hearing about where you went/ate/comments...etc...

          1. When we visited nearly 2 years ago we enjoyed the salmon tacos & shrimp tacos at Newport Bay, which is in nearby Tukwila.


            1. Naan-n-Curry is a good suggestion for a local lunch or dinner. One suggestion for some very good locally sourced PNW dining that is not too far from Renton is Copperleaf. It is near Seatac and would be good for lunch or dinner. The dining room is beautiful and the service and food are excellent. http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/copper...

              Copperleaf Restaurant
              18525 36th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

              1. Not unique to the area, but if you are trying to stay in Renton, and like burgers, Five Guys Burgers at "The Landing".

                1. Thanks so much for all the suggestions - will definitely be trying a lot of these! I'll let you know how it goes.
                  Dim sum at Tea Palace sounds excellent (it sucks in NY even in Flushing) and Naan-n-Curry as well. Don't think mom eats too much Indian food but she likes it. Five Guys we have out here and will definitely try to get up to Pike Place - I never miss it when I'm in Seattle!

                  Thanks again!

                  Tea Palace Restaurant
                  2828 Sunset, Renton, WA 98055

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                    I also live in Renton and I would suggest skipping dim sum at Tea Palace...or dim sum altogether in Seattle. I've tried most of the dim sum restaurants in the greater Seattle area and in the International district and most are average at best. Definitely subpar to Flushing. I would suggest going to Din Tai Fung in Bellevue instead for amazing soup dumplings instead.

                    Pabla and Naan and Curry are probably some of the best restaurants in Renton. My picks for Pike's place for breakfast would be The Crumpet Shop...the honey, ricotta and almond crumpet is AMAZING :) and so cheap! For lunch I love at Matt's in the Market for soup and sandwiches (make a reservation) or Pike Place Chowder.

                    For a great sandwich my absolute favorite is Paseo (cash only)! They have AMAZING pulled pork sandwiches (well, everything is good, but #2 is my favorite).

                    Pike Place Chowder
                    600 Pine St Ste 404, Seattle, WA 98101

                    1. re: roolala

                      FYI, Paseo is closed for the month. Seattle magazine did a nice write up of the 48 best sandwiches in Seattle, which I don't have very many disagreements with (they tend to be fairly heavy on the downtown area).


                      And here's a map of where all these sandwiches are. http://bit.ly/fNr5u8

                    2. re: ch_smooth

                      If you don't like dim sum in Flushing, I'm sorry to say that Tea Palace doesn't even come close.

                      Top Gun in Bellevue or Harbor City in Chinatown are better bets for Cantonese dim sum. And as mentioned - there's a Din Tai Fung in Bellevue now.

                      For Indian, if you're going to Bellevue anyways, there's Spice Route and Mayuri too.

                      For quick bites, there are several places inside the Great Wall shopping center (the one with the Ranch 99). None of them are wow! outstanding, but I do remember a Vietnamese deli shop there that was not too shabby.

                      Spice Route
                      2241 148th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98007

                      Tea Palace Restaurant
                      2828 Sunset, Renton, WA 98055

                      1. re: HungWeiLo

                        I think the Vietnamese deli is called Kim Van Deli...or something along those lines. Their grilled pork is pretty good, but if you like the combo meat banh mis I'd recommend Saigon Deli in International district. Yum! If you go to the Great Wall shopping mall be sure to go to the back of Ranch 99 for their Chinese bbq meats and their bakery for some Asian style bread :)

                        Also, Spiced for Sichuanese in Bellevue is authentic and delicious if you like spicy food.

                        Saigon Deli
                        1237 S Jackson St Ste E, Seattle, WA 98144

                    3. I forgot-- I really like the Corned Beef Sandwich at "A Terrible Beauty" on 2nd st in Renton.
                      It's an Irish pub with a funny name but the best CB that I've found locally.

                      1. Armondo's? And if you're driving up to Columbia City, there's Jones BBQ.

                        1. Royal Orchid Thai Restaurant on Rainier Ave in Renton has amazing food. I'm surprised it doesn't ever seem to get mentioned on this board. Incredible som tum (green papaya salad) and even the ubiquitous pad thai gets special treatment there. Not something I usually order, but theirs was nicely smoky and delicious.


                          Other places I enjoyed when I worked down there:

                          Go Deli & Bakery
                          Fabulous banh mi on bread baked fresh in-house. Also other baked/fried goods. I remember having the most delicious beef-filled pastry there. Incredibly buttery, but sooo good. The cafe has a nice vibe to it with live music as well. I can't seem to access their website, so I hope they're still in business.


                          Cedar River Smokehouse
                          Suprisingly good BBQ with great sauce.

                          Royal Orchid
                          104 Rainier Ave S, Renton, WA 98057

                          1. Burien is not far from Renton and you'll find better authentic Mexican food than anywhere in NYC at Taqueria La Estacion on Ambaum Blvd.

                            Taqueria La Estacion
                            14820 Ambaum Blvd SW, Burien, WA 98166

                            1. I am in the camp of Nann' n Curry as one of the best of Renton; Even if your mom doesn't eat much indian food - you would have a lovely dinner or lunch here. The owners are very welcoming, the heat can be mild, and their Chicken Tikka Masala (really an English dish) is the BEST I have ever had. They make their own Naan, and you can go up to the 'window' into the kitchen and watch them slap it into the tandoor oven. Really, really great.

                              If you follow some of the other suggestions, and wander up Rainier ave to Columbia City (you should!) you will arrive at a very up and coming Seattle neighborhood, that would be fun to spend some time in - it gives a real flavor of how a Seattle neighborhood feels - well, this one anyway - they are all different. Columbia City is pretty cool, as it is still in the exciting stage, not gentrified, but lots of wonderful local shops and restaurants, good street strolling for the few short blocks of the downtown. And, I would say, driving there from Renton would show you ALOT about what is NOT fixed about Seattle; you would drive through some really tough poor blocks, and areas being revitalized to arrive there. I like Verve wine bar for their wonderful plates at happy hour, and their Sunday Brunch really rocks. Service was a little absent minded, but the food and room are great.
                              Have a great visit!