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Jan 14, 2011 11:19 AM

Good Crab in Las Vegas?

Hello everyone.

I will be visiting Las Vegas in february and am looking for a place to eat crab. I live in Brazil and it is pretty rare to find crab here. So everytime I visit the US I try to have some crab at least once.

Where can I find good crab in LV? I been to Joe's before and even though my crab wasn't bad, it was nothing special..

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I haven't been there, but hear Crab Corner (off strip) is good. I am from the east coast and really enjoy blue crab.

    1. The general consensus among people who like fish is that you don't eat fish farther than 100 miles away from the ocean. Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert about 300 miles from the coast. You do the math.

      While it's possible to get live Maine lobster in virtually any megamart anywhere in the United States, the same does not hold true for crab. Fresh crab is not available more than a few miles away from the coast. Whatever you find will be frozen. Some types of crab hold up better to the freezing process then others.

      Your best best is to look for a restaurant that serves King Crab. King Crab is never found fresh outside of Alaska and often not found fresh off a fishing boat. The crab is processed and frozen on board.

      Check the menus of the seafood restaurants along the Strip for King Crab.

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        King Crab is never found fresh outside of Alaska


        Live king crab when available can be found at several Chinese restaurants in the Los Angeles area. You're probably going to pay $25-$30/pound, but it can be had.

        I don't frequent the Chinese restaurants in Las Vegas, but I have to believe there are ones that serve live dungeness crab.

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          Yes you can find live dungeness crab at some Chinese rest. Try the big Seafood/dim sum rest. on Spring Mountain Rd in the far corner of the Chinatown Shopping Center. About 1 mile west of the strip. Turn west at Treasure Island from the strip. I forgot the name ... something like Sea Harbor I think.
          If you have cooking facilities, you can buy live lobster and crab in the supermarket in the same shopping center. We rented a condo once and got a 6 pounder for under 10 bucks a pound.
          It was DELICIOUS

      2. I went to Joe's in LV the day after Christmas and had the stone crabs. Last time I had stone crabs was many years ago at the Joe's in Miami. Funny as much as I wanted to appreciate the stone crab claws, they tasted like dungeness crab.

        Several steak house type places offer king crab legs on their menus.

        Wynn buffet has king crab legs at dinner (they are frozen). M Resort Studio buffet has snow crab legs at their seafood buffets.

        1. Thanks for replies. I do realize I won't find any fresh crabs, but I'll settle for some decent frozen ones... Thats more than I'll ever find in Brazil.

          You guys are lucky to live in the US. The best restaurant in Brazil won't even come close to a restaurant like Sage or Bouchon.

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          1. re: deknor

            I've had excellent live dungeness crab at Jasmine-Bellagio. Although not cheap(by Chinatown standards esp.), the quality of the crab was irreproachable. Usually they will prepare it however you prefer, just ask.

            Always a flip side as well. The best swell in Las Vegas won't even come close to a break like Arpoador.

          2. Live Dungesness crab is almost always available in Chinatown, Vegas. My favorite place is Cathy House at 5300 Spring Mount Rd. They can and will prepare the crab as you like. Also they have live fish, shrimp, etc. in fish tanks. Good place to eat, Dim Sum is excelent. . Ask for DJ. --A good place and very consistant.

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