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Inventory reduction sale... get 'em while they are hot (or purple, if you like that color)


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  1. Thanks for posting this!

    1. "Inventory reduction", as if all sales weren't inventory reduction. Maybe "fire sale" would be more relevant?

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        They reduced their standard thermapen before they rolled out the splash proof model. Either they hit the price ceiling and have not been selling as many as they thought or they are getting ready to roll out a new model again.

        1. re: scubadoo97

          Do they have this same sale every year?

          1. re: hobbess

            They have occasional sales, but I've not noticed anything consistent.

      2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I didn't play Santa to myself in the kitchen this year, telling myself I'd get something in the new year that had been on my wishlist when it goes on sale. And here it is, the red Thermapen of my dreams.

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        1. re: ellabee

          I whispered to Santa (such a good listener) who brought me a red Thermapen. Great that you're getting one!

        2. Thanks for the heads up!

          Not only was the price great but I was able to get a black one. I've been looking for a black one for months. I keep my baking stuff and savory stuff separate by colors so when the kids leave them out or they go in the dishwasher and have to be returned to the right area of the kitchen it's clear where they go.

          So thanks again.

          1. Been waiting for a sale on these, so order placed. Thanks for the link.

            1. That is a good deal. I got mine for about that same price once shipping is figured in, but what is wrong with purple?? That is the color I got and love it.

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                Where did you get your Thermapen from? I've looked on their website and they state that a few retailers carry them, without listing who they are.

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                  The Bakers Catalogue at King Arthur always has it and sells it for around $95 (with free shipping I think). But they only ever carry red.

                  I think Sur la Table carries it as well -- also only in red. In fact, red is the only color I've ever seen it in anywhere. Seems to me if you were in a kitchen with other people who used them it would be very handy to have different colors to keep the confusion down. But maybe pros keep theirs in their pockets instead of ever putting them down. I dunno.

                  1. re: rainey

                    At Thermoworks.com/Thermapen, you can get them in gray, white, yellow, green, red, blue, brown ,black, orange, pink AND purple... The many colors come from the need in commercial kitchens to color code ownership (as you suggested).

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                      Right! I just ordered a black one because I want to identify that the red one stays in the baking area in my pantry and the black one goes in a drawer by the oven for general cooking.

                  2. re: hobbess

                    nobody sells them for less than ThermoWorks, might as well get it from them

                2. Just paid full price like a month ago. You win some you lose some.

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                  1. re: clint1245

                    But you got an extra mth's use out of it! :-)

                  2. My black one arrived with a very nice booklet of extended operation tips and food temp guidelines. I never got such a book when I ordered my first one from King Arthur. The book will be most helpful as the info printed on the packaging is so tiny I'm not even convinced I could have read it without a magnifying glass back when my eyes worked. ;>

                    The operation is, of course, dead simple. Still, I'm very pleased to have the temp guidelines.

                    1. The new thermometer just about paid for itself already, with a roast leg of lamb. I took the booklet's advice to write down the temperatures and times that resulted in a perfect roast. It was also much easier to get the Thermapen's probe down to the coolest part of the meat than it would have been with the analog "instant" thermometer I've used for years, and it gave me enough confidence not to err on the side of done-ness as I've done in the past -- to the detriment of the deliciousness of the lamb. Thanks again to grant.cook for the heads up!

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                        I can't help but comment to say thank you. There is nothing more satisfying than a customer who actually takes the time to read carefully prepared materials (like that little Thermapen guidebook) and thoughtfully put good principles to use. I couldn't be more thrilled that your Thermapen gave you the confidence to get the result you were looking for with your leg of lamb. You are a delight!
                        Tim (from ThermoWorks and project lead on that booklet)

                        1. re: TimothyRobinson

                          Thanks, Tim. The booklet's a keeper; you all did a great job.