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Jan 14, 2011 10:43 AM

Epic Mealtime

maybe it is just too far over the edge to even be considered food, but I was kinda surprised not to find a posting for this.. this, errr, ummmm.... caloric - yeah thats the word, this caloric group of videos. a whole new level of food depravity.

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  1. My brother showed these to me over the holidays (as he's addicted to Reddit and other aggregate sites).

    Made me kind of sick to my stomach, but it's also hilarious in a train wreck sort of way. You have to have a certain sort of sense of humor to be able to get through the videos. Heh.

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    1. re: yfunk3

      agreed, a diet of one or two videos a day is sufficient to satisfy RDA in most cases.

    2. The stuffed pig looked interesting. The only problem I had with it was putting uncoooked bacon on the inside. The meat house was just gross and an incredible waste of beef tenderloin.

      1. It's just all kinds of dumb. Hiding behind fake irony doesn't make it any better.