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Jan 14, 2011 10:04 AM

O'Sulloc Tea [Moved from L.A. board, apparently no local sources in L.A.]

Anybody know where I can buy O'Sulloc brand tea or similar in LA area (preferably SFV) or even online.

A S. Korean client just sent me some. Wow, this stuff is great.

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  1. In LA I don't know but you can check out:

    1. weegeebee,

      As Serorg so generously shared the O'Sulloc site, I just checked it out.
      Do you know specifically which O'Sulloc tea your client sent to you?

      A few years ago, a generous friend shared some Korean Ujeon tea with me. It was wonderful, and since then I have been searching for more. With your post, I noticed that O'Sulloc carries a Korean Ujeon tea. I am tempted to order some, but first I would like to know which O'Sulloc tea you found to be "great!"

      Thanks for posting about this Korean tea brand; I am glad to have found their website.

      I like to scout the tea places in Los Angeles, and to date I have never noticed this brand -- or the offering of many Korean teas -- in our area.

      1. Can't help you with this specific brand, though you could try Korean supermarkets if you haven't already. If you are interested in Korean tea, though, I would strongly suggest checking out Chasaengwon on Wilshire. You can also check out, a local company which doesn't have a retail outlet as far as I know, but which does sell tea at farmers markets from time to time. The owner also occasionally does presentations about tea in the LA area.

        BTW, for some background on O'Sulloc, definitely check out this post from this guy (who writes quite a bit about Korean tea):

        3839 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

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        1. re: will47

          Hi, will47! When it's about tea, I know you're always helpful!

          Thanks for all this information about Korean tea. I will look into all your recommendations.

        2. thanks for the comments all.

          I did find the O'Sulloc mall. I sent an email. Curious about shipping charges because the tea ain't cheap. About $15 for 30 grams for the loose. So some international shipping might get heavy duty.

          I received a 4 pack sampler. In each box is about 4 or 5 sealed envelopes with 1 tea bag. Unfortunately it doesn't note which each tea it is. Each has a different color though. I've tried 2 and they are amazing. The sampler is their "best selling tea" sampler, and so far the 2 have been green tea. I think one was just a simple green tea while the other definitely has some sort of floral thread in it.

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          1. re: weegeebee

            I also sent O'Sulloc an email inquiry about their Korean Ujeon tea, but no one has responded yet.

            I am surprised that they would not label their sample envelopes; this makes re-ordering difficult and confusing.

            Still, thanks for your report and for the details. If you do happen to sample their Ujeon tea -- if you can identify it as such, of course! -- please let me know.

            1. re: liu

              I also emailed them numerous times to ask about ordering but have yet to hear back in months.

              Seriously, you can't go wrong with any of their teas. I would have to say the pyramid tea bag sampler pack is typically, the mild green tea, the candy tea, the red cafe but not sure about the fourth kind. ALL of their tea is UH-MAZE-ING! I love their green tea the most but I never had tea so delicious before! Every sip is like a little sip of heaven. The candy tea and red cafe smell weird in the bag, but once they're in hot water, it's so fragrant and delicious.

              I am totally bummed that I can't find any in the US and the only place online is from their own website. Their website sucks, half their links/buttons don't work and nobody answers their email. I couldn't trust a site that has no phone number but takes your cc number.

              1. re: msesther

                "I couldn't trust a site that has no phone number but takes your cc number."

                To date, I have emailed O'Sulloc a couple of times and have had no response.

                I agree with you, msesther...but where, then, do we buy high quality Korean tea?

                1. re: liu

                  "but where, then, do we buy high quality Korean tea?"

                  Well, you could start with the other places mentioned (including 2 local ones) which should have that's as good quality or better than O'Sulloc. If that's not good enough, try this fairly comprehensive list

                  I have heard particularly good things about this shop, though their online store doesn't appear to work right now:

                  1. re: will47

                    ...always to the rescue, will47! You have offered a lot of information.
                    Thank you!

                    1. re: will47

                      I am a big fan of Korean Ujeon tea.
                      I tried one from Hankook tea co. That was fantastic.
                      They have a retail store in LA.
                      Since I live in OK, I ordered their teas thru online ( )

                      1. re: samok

                        I have heard that their retail shop may have closed, but haven't confirmed this.

                        1. re: will47

                          Hi, will47.

                          I just called Hankook Tea Company in Los Angeles on Wilshire and they continue to operate both as a retail store and as a website:


                          The kind lady who answered did not know anything about Ujeon Tea, however. Is there another tea that they carry that is close to a Ujeon tea?

                        2. re: samok

                          Hello, samok!
                          I continue to search for a fine Korean Ujeon tea. I am in Los Angeles.

                          I hear that you sound pretty enthusiastic about the Korean Ujeon from Good Green Tea. Specifically, which one is it that you like so much? Is it their Ujeon Gamro ($99 for 70g)? Purchasing 70g is a commitment, so I want to be sure which tea it is that you are enjoying.

                          Have you tried other Korean Ujeon teas? How does this one from Good Green Tea compare?

                          1. re: liu

                            Hi Liu,

                            One of my best friends is Korean and is a certified tea master.
                            He introduced me to Hankook Tea Company which is one of the best and well known tea companies in Korea.
                            I’ve tried most of their teas including their herbal teas and I’ve liked them all.
                            My recommendation, as far as green teas go, is Teuk seon. It’s a good daily drinking tea and compared to Ujeon, which is quite expensive, it is reasonable in price.
                            For other teas, I am crazy about their Oolong tea.
                            I found two online stores that have Hankook Teas:

                            Because Good Green Tea has free shipping and their prices are better than the other company, I regularly order teas from Good Green Tea.

                            Liu, I was like you – spending $99 for 70g of tea. I drink Ujeon only on special days and it lasts me one year.
                            It is worth trying! :)

                            1. re: samok

                              samok, thank you for your very prompt and detailed response!

                              I so appreciate your Korean tea website finds, both Hankook Tea and Good Green Tea. With your recommendation, I will try the Teuk seon for everyday sipping.

                              The Ujeon continues to haunt me, however, so I will try to find out if they have smaller packets to purchase before I buy the larger size. Is it the Ujeon Gamro that you like? Does it matter in quality if I were to order the Ujeon from Good Green Tea or Hankook? Both vendors are so similar in their offerings...are they related?

                              Please, can you also tell me which oolong teas from Good Green Tea or Hankook you have enjoyed most.

                              Thanks, samok!

                              1. re: liu

                                Hi Liu,
                                Yes, Ujeon Gamro is the one that I like.
                                Not even Ujeon, but all teas from Hankook and Good Green Tea are same tea.

                                Go to the link and check out.

                                This is the Oolong that I like. :



                                1. re: samok

                                  samok, you have been extremely helpful with your specific suggestions and links. I am grateful that you have taken the time to answer all my questions, thereby assisting in my quest for some fine Korean Ujeon tea.

                                  Along the way, you also offered some other recommendations that I will follow up on with an order from either Good Green Tea or Hankook Tea. I thank you!

                          2. re: samok

                            I think "ujeon" refers mainly to time of harvest (kind of the Korean equivalent of "shincha" or "ming quian"); isn't the area where the tea is produced and/or whether or not it's machine- or hand-processed of significance, too? It seems that tea from Mt. Jiri is held in high regard but I'm willing to be schooled if other areas produce similarly or more highly esteemed product.
                            BTW, liu, your ujeon came from here: (I'm gonna guess that "SK" stands for "South Korea") and was hand-picked. It would appear that they have yet to court a non-Korean clientele.