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Jan 14, 2011 09:49 AM

Sees candy in San Antonio???

I was thinking of sending a box of See's Candy t a friend in San Antonio. When I google See's Candy San Antonio a San Pedro address comes up. But See's Candy website doesn't show a store in San Antonio. So, is there a See's Candy store in San Antonio. Don't want my gift to be met with "Ugh, we have these here, fool!". Although my friend would never tell me that, I would probably feel that way. Thanks.

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  1. Hmm, why don't you just call the 800 number than comes up when you google?

    1. I'm in Houston, and I've seen See's here. Although it's usually around the holidays, I've seen it in kiosks in the malls. And this past Christmas, there was a big display at my local HEB grocery store.

      I don't know if it's available year-round, but frankly, it's so good, and so expensive, I'd think your friend would be happy to get it regardless.

      And also, See's is not a brand that most Texans are familiar with, so unless your friend has traveled to the west coast, it might be an entirely new treat for him/her, even if it is available here.

      I have lived out west, and look for it. Even if one can find it here in Texas, it's not common and I think it will be a welcome and appreciated gift.

      Wish somebody would send me some.

      1. See's used to be in Texas but withdrew a few years ago. Here in Houston the Rice Epicurean Markets chain stepped in and set up See's boutiques and there's one in every store but they aren't listed on the See's website, either. I'd try to find out the name of the merchant on San Pedro and call them or see if their website lists a See's boutique.

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          That's right, See's is in Rice stores in Houston. Today, I saw it somewhere else, possibly Macy's. I remember vaguely thinking only Rice has See's boutiques. There used to be a See's store in the Galleria in Houston (it may still be there) that I went to when I hung out there as a teen. Loved those lollipops. Still do, and thank goodness there's a Rice Epicurean nearby for that occasional craving!

          1. re: Lambowner

            thank all of you so much-I'm sending my friend some See's tomorrow. : )

            1. re: cholulo1

              Excellent choice. When I lived in CA and it was readily available I enjoyed getting it as a gift. Now that I live in Houston I make sure to get See's whenever I'm in CA.

              1. re: cholulo1

                Dillards. It was Dillard's I saw the See's Candy kiosk at in Houston, so if there's a Dillard's in SA it's probably available there too, though I think that's a new thing and may only be for Valentine's Day.