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Jan 14, 2011 09:25 AM

Staub used as serving dishes???

Since the interior is not non-stick, as I had at first assumed, is it possible to use pieces of it to serve, for example, rack of lamb, where one would be using knives and forks to eat it? Or would that damage the surface? Just got a whole bunch of pieces that would be really neat as serving dishes as well, but am afraid to use them without some "feedback"! TIA!

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  1. I would not cut anything on it with a knife. I would limit myself to silicone and wooden utensils.

      1. Ms Ghost: "Just got a whole bunch of pieces that would be really neat as serving dishes..."

        Table service use is an excellent idea considering their heat retention, just don't carve in them or dish with metal utensils.

        1. there are restaurants all over Paris that use them as individual serving pieces -- teeny little dishes are all the rage here - verrines, cuilleres, and mini-cocottes.

          I'm pretty sure they serve them with "real" silverware, but I haven't a clue what happens when the finish gets wrecked.

          1. Dont they have a life time warranty? I wouldn't do any heavy cutting, but a few delicate cuts should be ok. And I think the trend of serving in the mini staubs usually includes a simple braised or broiled dish where a knife is not necessary. They are tough vessels, but dont abuse them and I suspect you will be fine.