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Prefer It Cold

Does anyone have any foods that are traditionally hot that they prefer cold?

Recently the pizza scene in Westchester, NY is pretty bad. I find that I actually prefer it cold these days. The pizza has gotten so oily, so thin and flimsy that at leats when it's cold it holds its shape.

I'm actually not a big fan of mac and cheese, but I find, when eating the cheaper varieties, I prefer it cold. Seems to taste a little cheesier and less soupy this way.

While this item is traditionally served both ways, I only like roast beef cold. Can't stand it warm.

Not that I have this often, but I also prefer vegetarian lasagna cold.

I guess these aren't that strange really. Does anyone have any cold preferences?

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  1. my husband loves cold chicken! he will eat it hot too, but prefers refrigerated leftovers.

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      I love cold chicken with russian dressing

      1. I can't take food so hot that my mouth blisters and too cold doesn't work either. I'm happy with room temperature.

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          My mom liked room temp too. For food and drink. As for me I like my fried chicken room temp and also I think piping hot pizza is practically tasteless compared to when it cools down some. Meat loaf seems to have a stronger flavor cold in a sandwich but I still prefer it hot. Way back when taco bell had tostadas and actually put grated cheese on them (long time ago!) I liked the tostadas room temp better than warm.

        2. I love cold steak, just ripping it apart with your fingers.
          I love it when you take leftovers home from a restaurant and have them cold, right out of the container, for breakfast the next day.

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              I actually prefer all pies cold...but apple pie was a good call. The cold apple chunks are just heaven.

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                Now that I think about it, I like just about all cream and meringue based pies better cold.

              2. Cold, rare steak will do it better for me than any sizzling chunk of protien I've ever eaten. Even better thin-sliced and served on salad. I also really like cold, baked potatoes with butter and salt.

                1. Roast pork. With lots of salt. Best sandwich meat of all.

                  1. Fruit pies. Or anything with fruit. I just do not like hot fruit.

                    Cold cuts. Sure, sometimes a toasted sandwich is great with cheese or as a dinner some lazy nights, but I prefer most of them at least room temperature.

                    Can't really think of much else off the top of my head...Am generally a fan of eating cooked foods warm.

                    1. Eggplant parm. When its hot it tends to just kind of melt away. When it's room temperature or cooler, it has some texture. But the cheese isn't as good.

                      1. Fried chicken. I like it cold the net day with a hunk of cheddar and a sliced apple.

                        When I still ate it, I also liked my beef rare and preferred it cold.

                        1. i prefer boiled shrimp or lobster chilled.

                          I'll only eat fried chicken cold.

                          I prefer roast turkey cold to hot, but will eat it hot.

                          I don't like pickled tongue heated, I want it cold or room temp.

                          Hot corned beef makes the bread soggy, so if I'm having a sandwich I prefer it cold, it hot with cabbage and a fork and knife, i'm fine.

                          I don't like pies or pudding hot.

                          1. Not "hot" but I have a strange fondness for keeping potato chips and such things in the fridge.

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                              Now, that is interesting. Ever try the freezer?

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                No, but I would probably find that too cold.

                            2. Gravy. It's a bit sick if I think too much about it, but I like a lot of heavy sauces cold, since the fat congeals a bit and it's really thick and creamy. For that reason I'll eat a lot of sauce based dishes, like curry, cold.

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                                If I've made a biscuits and gravy and have some leftover, I love to dip a spoon into it, the same for clam chowder, really good flavors.

                              2. I should also mention that I like most condiments chilled, esp. ketchup and mustard.

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                                  Do other people eat condiments warm?

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                                    ever use mustard or ketchup at a restaurant that's been sitting on the table?

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                                      No.........At home all condiments are used cold, directly out of the fridge.....I never use restaurant ketchup......All they do is take it into the kitchen and fill them up with no name ketchup and return them to the table in Heinz bottles....I used to work in a restaurant and we used to get out ketchup in giant no name cans and refill the bottles.....We had to wash the bottles completely when they were empty but some places, like Swiss Chalet, simply refill the bottles when they get half empty. Gross!!!!

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                                      Sure, you think McDonald's refrigerates it's ketchup packets?

                                      Or those bottles that sit on table tops are definitely lukewarm, even with the retaurant A/C blasted at full throttle -- too many grubby warm hands have handled them.

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                                        Yeah, I haven't eaten at a McD's since I was a kid. And I don't use those ketchups sitting on the table (or those packets in the work caf). And even though I am from Philly, never use those big jars of mustard on my pretzels.

                                        But silly me, I thought those shelves in my refrigerator door were made for ketchup, mustards, horseradish, etc.

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                                        We keep condiments in the fridge after opening and eat them cold.

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                                            And I may be wrong, although don't most of them say "refrigerate after opening"?

                                    3. cold mutes flavor, so it's rare that i like to eat a solid food cold...i even let frozen yogurt & gelato melt slightly before eating.

                                      i can honestly think of only one exception, and it's from my gluten-eating days when i could still indulge in conventional pie...specifically leftover apple pie. let it sit in the fridge at least overnight so that all the wonderful goo from the filling has a chance to seep into the bottom crust and turn it into a dense, chewy layer of sweet apple-y deliciousness. remove pie from fridge, scrape off any excess filling, and go to town on the cold, gooey crust :)

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                                        i can honestly think of only one exception, and it's from my gluten-eating days when i could still indulge in conventional pie...specifically leftover apple pie. let it sit in the fridge at least overnight so that all the wonderful goo from the filling has a chance to seep into the bottom crust and turn it into a dense, chewy layer of sweet apple-y deliciousness. remove pie from fridge, scrape off any excess filling, and go to town on the cold, gooey crust :)


                                        This is exactly why I like cold apple pie.

                                        When I was younger and much more rambunctious, I used to spear a slice of chilled apple on a shish kebob stick and eat it like it was an "apple pie popsicle".

                                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                          I have been known to micro a bowl of ice cream for a short while to soften it before eating.

                                        2. I really prefer a hot dog cold. No condiments, just a quality dog, cold on a warm length of baguette. The cold sausage against the warm bread is just wonderful.

                                          1. -chocolate chip cookies (enjoyable fresh out of the oven, but I find them even more enjoyable frozen...must be the extra crunch!)
                                            -pies and crumbles
                                            -chow mein
                                            -lasagne (it's fun pulling apart the solid cheese from the other layers...in the privacy of my own home)

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                                                While meatloaf just out of the oven is one of lifes great pleasures, there is something to be said for a cold meatloaf sandwich!

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                                                  Another vote for the loaf. I have been known to make meat loaf just so I could have it cold the next day (and make the husband sandwiches).

                                                  1. re: MandalayVA

                                                    The Khantessa has been known to do the same thing.

                                              1. Cold egg rolls make an outstanding breakfast.

                                                Pies, all pies, really, but my favorite is a peach with a buttermilk custardy sort of layer.

                                                Some vegetables, namely peas and green beans.

                                                Frittatas. I've found that I enjoy the cold leftover slice more than I did the one served warm from the pan.

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                                                  Kind of makes sense as I think tortilla espanol tastes so much better at room temperature than straight out of the pan. I really don't know why (as I'm with GHG on this one where cold blunts the flavors).

                                                  1. re: Miss Needle

                                                    Isn't tortilla espanol traditionally served room temperature or cold? I tend to prefer it a room temperature. Same for frittatas.

                                                    1. re: debbiel

                                                      Indeed. But I've read recipes where they say you can serve it warm, but it's preferable at room temperature.

                                                      While we're on the frittata, tortilla espanola topic, I also think quiche is better at room temperature.

                                                      1. re: Miss Needle

                                                        I agree. Too hot seems to cause it to lose flavor.

                                                2. Love cold cooked cauliflower and broccoli! Also cold roasted brussels sprouts... Cold grilled onions are pretty good too!

                                                  Definitely frozen chocolate chip cookies. Also, I prefer cake out of the fridge instead of room temperature (unless I'm having it with ice cream in which case it needs to be warmed in the microwave first).

                                                  1. unless it's something that should be served piping hot (soup, coffee, tea, etc), i prefer almost everything else cold. i love cold pasta and sauce, lasagna, and ravioli, and prefer my sandwiches cold as well. after toasting my english muffin and spreading it with peanut butter, jelly, and cream cheese, i let it sit (together) for a while so all the insides mash together. sounds gross, but i love it!

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                                                      i also love to freeze yogurts and bananas! i also am known to eat frozen veggies or frozen french fries right out of the bag.

                                                    2. Pepperoni pizza
                                                      Fried chicken, BBQ chicken
                                                      Lo Mein
                                                      Egg rolls

                                                      Apple pie is good cold, but I would much rather have it hot with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. :)

                                                      1. Any leftover pork or chicken. The smell that comes from reheating them makes me gag, so I just go with cold.

                                                        1. For years, I could not understand why my father waited til the food was cold til he came to the table. He loved (and still does), cold mashed potato on toast for breaky, cold chili with his eggs, cold stew, etc. No leftover was ever heated; he just chows down on it cold. Cold
                                                          chicken is a given for everyone. Cold meatloaf , roast pork sandwiches or even cold leftover fish are simply deelish, even for me......I do draw the line at cold oatmeal and eggs, though....

                                                          1. My dad's best friend's wife died from cancer of the esophagus (sorry for the spelling) and the doctors said eating and drinking stuff piping hot over the years contributed to it....It damaged the lining of her "E".....Since then, I eat and drink everything luke warm....Nothing l ike a cold chicken or tuna casserole, though....jhopper217 is right. Sometimes it is too soupy and runny when hot. Cooling always thickens things up. I guess Dad does always know best.....