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Jan 14, 2011 07:40 AM

Cakes that freeze well?

I'm hoping to make an individual cake for every table at my wedding in September, and am looking for suggestions of recipes for cakes that freeze well. It will be relatively casual, we'll be serving southern bbq. I'd like to make 15-20 cakes in advance (hence the freezing). I plan to avoid frosting or anything other than the most simple glaze (to avoid going crazy) and serve w/ bowls of whipped cream. Something like the cake Molly (from Orangette) made for her wedding would be great ( Perhaps once chocolate recipe and one berry or fruit recipe? Thank you!

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  1. A basic or lightly-flavored (e.g. brown sugar) pound cake would be good, especially accompanied with seasonal fresh berries and whipped cream. Cakes made from basic batters - the kind you'd use for layer, sheet, loaf cakes and cupcakes - freeze well. Wrap well and defrost before removing the wrapping.

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      I like that idea, thanks very much.

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        I like the pound cake idea in a bundt pan because there are so many really pretty decorative ones out there. And, you can fill the centers with fruit and then have whipped cream and a runny chocolate ganache on the side. They're hearty and stand up to more than a softer cake. Like this:

      2. Chocolate gateaus tend to freeze really well, in my experience.

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        1. a few ideas:
          Chocolate Almond Cake

          Lemon Cake

          Almond Honey Cake

          Apple Cake - perhaps not fancy enough

          what about cheesecake? that freezes very well...

          also, what about a pie... or is that too unweddingy... pies are the thing this year, apparently, according to national restaurant news, etc.
          White Chocolate Pecan

          Choc PB Pie

          Black and White PIe

          Congrats whatever you decide! sure it will be lovely!

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            These are all great ideas, thank you very much!!

          2. What about ice cream cake?

            1. While Rose Levy Beranbaum suggests against it, my husband's aunt, who owned and ran a restaurant for years regularly baked off many and then froze her Chocolate Oblivion Truffle Torte, then pulled out to defrost as needed. It's intense, but super easy to make, and requires nothing other than a dollop of whipped cream. Your buck will go farther as one cake will feed many due to how dense it is. The raspeberry puree sauce that she suggests knocks this up to the next notch. It helps to cut the richness of the chocolate.

              The recipe is published in The Cake Bible, but I'm sure you could find it online if you googled it.