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Bakery in Lower Westchester -- Need a great birthday cake!

Hi there,

I'm planning my daugther's first birthday and wanted to ask you guys if you could recommend a great bakery in lower Westchester. I'd like a nice personalized cake that looks great but TASTES great too! Any places you love?


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  1. Riviera bakery in Ardsley has some great fun Seus-like cakes and taste decent. Also I have heard good things about Martines in Tuckahoe and on a higher scale there is LuLu!s in Scarsdale. Give Riviera a shot I think you'll be happy.

    1. La Renaissance in Scarsdale village

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        I second La Renaissance, and get their namesake cake. Very attractive, and very delicious. My favorite cake ever. It may be your daughters B'day, but it's going to be adults eating it.

      2. Riviera Bakery is hands down the best in Westchester - especially for birthday cakes. You will not be disappointed.

        1. There is a new bakery in Bronxville. I haven't tried it yet, but a neighbor did and said what she tried was awesome.

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            I have to check them out. How long have they been in business? I go past there every day, but never actually look at the stores much. Usually I'm late for the train, or trying not to run over little old ladies and jaywalkers.

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              They just opened last week I think. I was in there last Saturday, and either they had sold out, or they are starting with a limited selection. They are one of the few places locally that sell French macarons, and all the pastries seemed very French -- with the exception of the cupcakes...

          2. riviera bakehouse is definitely my favorite. btw - lulu's makes some beautiful cakes but much more expenseive and everyone there is so unfriendly. also, this isn't necessarily "fancy" but stop and shop cakes actually taste pretty good too - in case you ever need a "less special" cake.

            we got my husband's 40th bday cake at riviera - it tasted great and looked beautiful.

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              you're totally right about stop and shop cakes! they're incredibly delicious! thanks! i wanted to get the cake from joyful cakes, but ti think they've closed.

            2. Where in Bronxville?I know there is one on Pondfield Rd. but that has been there for many years.

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                lulu's people have always been super friendly! expensive but friendly! red velevt with cream cheese frosting is amazing. riviera does have some good flavors also but they have not alway been the most friendly. Our current favorite cakes but maybe more for adults have been from salzburg in rye. last night we had a decent cake from lexington square as well.

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                  Chantilly is on Parkway Road opposite the NYC bound MetroNorth station. I was in there today and bought my son a red velvet cupcake, which he pronounced "delicious." They had a large selection of macarons (the French kind), and some decent-looking bread. I bought a baguette, but haven't tried it yet. It is a lovely place.

                2. Provisions in Pelham has fabulous cakes. Ask for Nanette Conners, the owner/baker. She is delightful and makes incredible cakes, muffins, cookies. you name it!

                  1. The bakers at Lexington Square Cafe in Mt. Kisco make beautiful, creative cakes and they taste good too. We had one for my daughter's 1st birthday. Very special. You should check out their website.

                    Lexington Square Cafe
                    510 Lexington Avenue, Mount Kisco, NY 10549

                    1. If you want a unique experience and willing to brave the neighborhood, La Pinata just outside of Getty Square off Nepperhan on New Main Street is an awesome bakery that does all its baking onsite. Especially great are their strawberry shortcakes. I know a lot of folks from the tonier villages make the trek there. And on New Main going south of Nepperhan is Orzo Bread Bakery. Also amazingly freshly on-site baked bread and rolls.

                      1. Riveria cakes are beautiful to look at but they don't taste as good as they look. Lots of people agree with me. Their brownies and bars are great. I'm looking for a great birthday cake right now too. I miss Jespersens.

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                          The savory foods at Riveria are better than the desserts in my opinion although I do like the seasonal autumn and summer bounty pies. I agree completely with your assesment of the cakes, bars and brownies. I too really loved Jespersens and feel nothing comes close the the quality of their baked goods.

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                            I love Riviera and have been going there for many years. However, I too have realized that I'm not crazy about their cakes. I find the frostings, especially the whipped cream and buttercream, to be too cloyingly sweet, and this is coming from someone with a HUGE sweet tooth. Anything with fudge frosting doesn't seem to suffer the same fate. I have always loved their pastries, cookies, breads, rolls, tarts, quiches, brownies, bars, etc.

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                              In addition to the items you mentioned above their Asian style wings are excellent. My sister loves their chicken pot pie and my husband likes the meatloaf and twice baked potato.

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                                We are big fans of Riviera's savory tarts - potato leek, sausage and peppers, ratatouille...

                                Also like the fruit based desserts -tarts and apple pie

                        2. Two I can recommend without reservation are Bedford Bakery http://www.bedfordbakery.com/ -- and in St. Moritz in Greenwich http://www.stmoritzpastryshop.com/stm...

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                            Ignore that Bedford link above. it's the wrong Bedford. The one I am referring to is Bedford Village Pastry in Bedford, NY. 426 Old Post Road, Bedford, NY - (914) 234-9555

                          2. I like Fleetwood Bakery on Gramatan Avenue in the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon. Love the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. They have many other good flavors too including red velvet (although I have not tried that one) and do the fancy fondant thing also if you want that.

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                              Re: Fleetwood Bakery, I like their Napoleon layer cake and their strawberry shortcake.

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                                I like the strawberry shortcake too. forgot to mention it. real whipped cream. yum. and their cookies are the best too.

                            2. Check out Chantilly in Bronxville, as I've heard from two friends that their treats are delightful. I used to be a fan of La Renaissance...but I feel they have gone downhill over the past 3 years or so. Nothing tastes as good as it used to and the service has diminished.

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                                Yes, and I posted about Chantilly 3 times above...

                              2. The end of my birthday cake search has been reached. I ordered from Enrico's in Hartsdale. It was the perfect birthday cake for people who are looking for that elusive childhood memory. Similar in style to the iconic Jesersen's. I ordered vanilla cake with white buttercream frosting and fudge between the layers. Just as I used to when yesterday's birthday boy [now 43] was growing up. All ages at the table [3 generations] agreedthis was the one to stick with. And over the past 43 years, I've tried them all. Lovely to look at, delicious to taste. Their Sarah Bernhardts are hands down the best anywhere as well. Possibly even better than the originals invented by Jespersen's half a century ago. I've sampled them all over the county [and CT]. These are the winners.