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Jan 14, 2011 05:58 AM

Bakery in Lower Westchester -- Need a great birthday cake!

Hi there,

I'm planning my daugther's first birthday and wanted to ask you guys if you could recommend a great bakery in lower Westchester. I'd like a nice personalized cake that looks great but TASTES great too! Any places you love?


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  1. Riviera bakery in Ardsley has some great fun Seus-like cakes and taste decent. Also I have heard good things about Martines in Tuckahoe and on a higher scale there is LuLu!s in Scarsdale. Give Riviera a shot I think you'll be happy.

    1. La Renaissance in Scarsdale village

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        I second La Renaissance, and get their namesake cake. Very attractive, and very delicious. My favorite cake ever. It may be your daughters B'day, but it's going to be adults eating it.

      2. Riviera Bakery is hands down the best in Westchester - especially for birthday cakes. You will not be disappointed.

        1. There is a new bakery in Bronxville. I haven't tried it yet, but a neighbor did and said what she tried was awesome.

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            I have to check them out. How long have they been in business? I go past there every day, but never actually look at the stores much. Usually I'm late for the train, or trying not to run over little old ladies and jaywalkers.

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              They just opened last week I think. I was in there last Saturday, and either they had sold out, or they are starting with a limited selection. They are one of the few places locally that sell French macarons, and all the pastries seemed very French -- with the exception of the cupcakes...

          2. riviera bakehouse is definitely my favorite. btw - lulu's makes some beautiful cakes but much more expenseive and everyone there is so unfriendly. also, this isn't necessarily "fancy" but stop and shop cakes actually taste pretty good too - in case you ever need a "less special" cake.

            we got my husband's 40th bday cake at riviera - it tasted great and looked beautiful.

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              you're totally right about stop and shop cakes! they're incredibly delicious! thanks! i wanted to get the cake from joyful cakes, but ti think they've closed.