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Jan 14, 2011 05:25 AM

Sugar Mags,Gloucester

Planning a breakfast outing. Thought of heading to York to the Stolen Menu but it might be too far a drive for a pancake! Saw Sugar Mags featured on Chronicle (I think) and a couple of featured items (carrot cake pancakes w/ cream cheese butter, Almond Joy pancakes, s'more-ish french toast--graham coated, marshmallow and chocolate stuffed) are calling me to the north shore.

Have you been? Also considering the closer option of Mike and Pattie's.

Stolen Menu Cafe
127 Long Sands Rd Ste 7, York, ME 03909

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  1. I've been going there since they opened on Main St. They make excellent breakfasts, the pancakes are huge (overlapping the plate) and the french toast are crunchy and delicious. Their omelets use fresh ingredients and are also stuffed nicely, also their homefries are just killer, totally addicticve. Some of the wait staff can be abrupt at times, but I can deal with that as their prices are very fair for what they put on the table. So give then a try but, plan to wait a tad if you go on week-ends, it gets pretty busy.

    1. If you're heading up to Gloucester, I'd also suggest a stop at the more homey diner down the street, Lee's for breakfast. Great omelets, peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes, and grilled banana bread.

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        The list is growing! Thanks to you both for checking in.