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Jan 14, 2011 04:32 AM

Quick Fried Crispy Fish at Grand Szechuan

I'm desperately trying to recreate this dish at home but I'm running into some roadblocks. Does anyone know the actual recipe or one similar to it? My Google-Fu came up dry.

I'm almost certain the fish is dredged in cornstarch before frying. But it has that slightly sweet flavor and it's not sticky like it has been tossed in a sauce after frying, so what are they putting in the cornstarch? I'm not sure sweet rice flour would be the right flavor.

It's not a traditional black bean sauce but the fermented black beans are present. It seems like there is the tiniest bit of some kind of sauce that the red bell peppers and beans are tossed in. Again, I'm stumped.

As much as we like going to GS, it's kind of far away from our little South Minneapolis bubble and a little on the pricey side to visit all that often. Any thoughts you may have on this would be appreciated!

Grand Szechuan
10602 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

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  1. Bloomington is now too far from South Minneapolis? :) I am sure they dredge the fish in flour. Here are two recipes that might give you a start, something to play with at least:

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      Yeah, I know. :) It's not so much that it's far away as the crow flies, but it's awkward to get to around rush hour when we need to go (kid goes to bed around 7:00 so we're early diners).

      I did see those recipes in my searches and neither of them sound right. There isn't a strong ginger or onion flavor present and the fish fillets are cut into chunks before being dredged and fried. The coating is too light to be flour, IMO.

      1. re: PikaPikaChick

        Uhmm, PPC. Perhaps GS is using use egg whites - say two tbsp of flour mixed with one egg white?

    2. Could very well be rice flour
      This is tyler florence's take on it.

      1. I've also been searching for a crispy szechuan fish recipe that I tasted in my hometown of Boston, MA. I haven't been able to find it exactly, so I created one out of three different recipes I found. Maybe this will do the trick for you. Let me knnnow if you're interested & I'll type it in for you.