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Jan 14, 2011 03:17 AM

Paneer in Calgary

Does anyone have a recommendation of where to pick up good paneer for home use?

Thanks, in advance.

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  1. Superstore carries some pretty good frozen paneer cubes. The packaging is a a bag/pouch, not a box. If I remember correctly, it's near the frozen okra.

    1. Basha in the NE probably carries fresh. It's a great Mid East to South Asian store.

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      1. re: Scary Bill

        Thanks guys. Will definitely check out Basha.

        1. re: Leibowitz

          shylark on 17th by 52 ne sells there own homemade paneer

      2. Dalbrent Spice Rack sells paneer.

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          1. re: Jetgirly

            I saw frozen but they may have fresh (as they own an Indian resto in same strip mall). I didn't look in the fridge section. You could call and ask... I always find the lovely lady at the till super helpful...

            Dalbrent Spice Rack
            3604 52 Avenue Northwest Calgary, AB T2L 1V9 - (403) 289-1409

        1. I've seen paneer at Indian Aroma Ltd

          7750 Ranchview Dr NW
          Calgary, AB T3G 1Y9
          (403) 547-8879