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Jan 14, 2011 02:16 AM

Shiki Sushi Flemington Reopened

Shiki Sushi in Flemington reopened as Wasabi 31. Same owners, same great food. 1/2011

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  1. Went to Wasabi 31 for the first time since it reopened. The space is much bigger now. They maintained their existing space, plus occupied the space that was to their left. Honestly, I liked the decor better before, but this is not the type of place that I frequent for the ambience. '

    I must say that I was disappointed with our meal. The miso soup was good. The salad came undressed with a choice of 2 dressings on the side. One was the standard ginger dressing; the other was some sort of apple dressing. I'm not clear on exactly what was in it, but it tasted OK. The ginger dressing was not as good as it used to be. It had a similar ginger flavor, but it didn't have the fibrous strands of ginger. While I don't necessarily need those strands, they were always a good indication that the dressing was freshly made with real ginger. Now, its just a creamy orange ginger-like sauce.
    We got a sushi platter, which was fresh and as good as I remembered. We also got a shrimp tempura dinner which was awful. The tempura was super greasy and completely over-battered. It tasted like old grease. There was also a lack in variety of tempura vegetables. I believe there was only sweet potato and brocolli.

    I'm glad they are open again. I wish them well in their new space. I won't be rushing back, though.