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Jan 14, 2011 01:11 AM

Recommendations Milano


I´m going to Milano this spring and I’m looking for some nice restaurants both international and more genuine Milano/Italian ones. It would also be nice to get some tips on restaurant/bars which is a littlemore “special” and attracts a more alternative crowd like rockers, students and indie people.

Examples on more praiseworthy places is also appreciated


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  1. Hi Cold.
    For a complete overview of previous posts search Milan on this board.
    I have personally contributed especially with the following
    I am afraid I am not young enough for alternative crowd like rockers, students and indie people (definition which I have just looked up in an urban dictionary :-) ).
    Please be a little more specific about “international” (and about your budget) and I might be able to contribute more.

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    1. re: Irene65

      Thanks for the reply Irene. I been checking around a lot on the board both thought it a good idea to ask myself also.

      When it comes to international I’m up for anything. Different cities seem to have there own special international restaurants I found out. Like in Toronto you go to china town, Gothenburg and London you test the Indian places, except New York that just have everything. I’m not that familiar with Milano and do not have any preferences, besides the obvious fashion and football.

      Regarding the budget, everything from 5-50 Euros for a meal. I love finding the special places with their own style and/or a lot of soul. However, even better is finding the cheap or the places that are located down the ally or in basements that you almost miss, but extraordinary places.

      I'm also intresseted in nice, genuine bars and not just the alternative or inde.

      1. re: coldheart

        Why look for international in Milano. Someone there will have to respond knowledgeably but its hardly an international city with big foreign communities like London, L.A.or Toronto to support great restaurants . You might alternatively look for Neapolitian or other regional italian cuisines which are distinct from the local Lombardy cooking.

        Having said that this has been discussed recently and there have been some recommendations given See

        In addition to those recommendations, the inexpensive Gambero Rosso now has a lowcost guide to Italy out at a cheap price. For Milan, it includes quite a number of non-italian non-Lombardy places in addition to local budget faves (overlaps with Slowfood to a fair degree).

    2. International food in Milan is a bit of a fool's errand. I'm not saying there is no good international food but I am saying 99.9% of it is not chow-worthy. I will eat Chinese or Indian occasionally and there is a decent tex-mex place but none of it compares any city, like those you have cited, with an international food scene. Actually, can't speak to Gothenburg.

      The main point is I patronize these places when I am hard up for non-Italian food. If you are prepared to pay there are a few places that are better than your average take out place in a city like NYC or Chicago. That said, African food in Milan is ok (not the biggest fan of the cuisine) so here is an Eritrean restaurant that I have been to twice and was recommended by an actual Eritrean.

      Warsa is really close to Corso Buenos Aires and is easy to get to :

      Unless you are staying in Italy for a really long time, just stuff yourself full of Italian food and return home to be consistently disappointed by that Italian place you used to think was good.

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      1. re: badwaiter

        Thanks bad and jen, than I will put 99,9% of my focus on the “local” restaurants, since I will only stay for about a week.

        “Bad” what places should I not miss? Any special recommendations for risotto?

        1. re: coldheart

          Ciao Cold.
          Jan is right when she says that in Milano the foreign communities are far from being as big as the ones in London, USA or Canada and I would second Badwaiter’s opinion about the non-comparability with an USA/UK international food standard.
          Nevertheless in comparatively small Milan you can find almost everything.. like in New York City ;-) see some of my personal picks for the remaining 0,1%.

          An Arabian Restaurant
          Navigli area.

          Around 25 Euro pp before drinks.
          I am addicted to their rice with pine-seeds, raisins, hazelnuts, pistachios (?) and saffron together with spicy meat-balls.

          An African Restaurant (mainly MALI
          Via Teodosio n. 6 – Lambrate Area
          Around 20 Euro pp before drinks.
          Mali Cous Cous + other western African specialties. You have to like it, if you never tried before it can be a disappointing experience.

          Thumb up for WARSA, the Eritrean Restaurant suggested by Badwaiter.
          I personally LOVE Meat Zighinì and hot Ingera (the Eritrean spongy and sourish bread) but my husband has to be coerced into Eritrean/Ethiopic dining.. see the above comment for BALAFON.

          An Argentinean Restaurant
          MR ANGUS

          Around 40 Euro pp before drinks.
          Angus beef… yummy!

          A couple of Brazilian Restaurants

          Around 40 Euro pp before drinks.


          Around 45 pp before drinks.

          I travelled round Brazil for business and leisure but I am not a fan of their food (my stomach will remember an home cooked Feijoada with the traditional Brazilian drink Cachaça for ever), these are two good picks in Milan though, for atmosphere and reasonable quality.

          Uhh it’s late and I have to finish to prepare a finger food dinner for 25 people sigh!!!! If you are still interested I will post other personally tested international recs + bars with a soul – which I find an interesting challenge! – in the next days.

          Via Temperanza, 5
          Tel. 02 26 13 855

          Around 25 Euro/pax for a two course dinner (always closed for lunch) before wine.
          Not centrally located, east of Milan.
          Only 3 E X C E L L E N T Risotti on the list and they change every day.
          It is a a guaranteed recommendation, but service depends on the waiters' mood.

          A presto

      2. Hi Cold,

        This review is 2 years old, but I just went on line to check and make sure that this restaurant is still up and running, and it is. It might be something for you.

        I had a couple of days in Milan and Turin and couldn't wait to tell you about a great (IMHO) find I made in Milan. I was staying in the Porta Romana area, not far from the center but definitely not touristy. It was a Monday night and I wasn't sure what I would find open. Well there wasn't much and I was getting pretty far from my hotel. Then I saw a place with light on and an awning so I went to check out the menu. As I got closer, I was a little disappointed because the place was named "Mistral" and I didn't want to eat French food in Milan. I decided to look at the menu anyway, and it definitely was not French, but what Italians would call "cucina creativa", essentially traditional foods updated in a more modern key. Lots of The emphasis was clearly on vegetables and seasonal ingredients. So I went inside.
        Place was kind of modern and spare, but there was a banquette along one wall. I was the only one there. The staff was young and enthusiastic. I was immediately given a glass of prosecco and a delicious little shrimp morsel as I began to study the menu. I figured how bad could it be? It only got better. I started with ravioli stuffed with Taleggio and pear in a sauce of cress. I thought the pear might be too sweet, but between the cheese and the slightly bitter sauce the combination was stunning. I followed with a Napoleon of creamy whipped baccala, but the layers were separated not by pastry but by discs of celeriac! Sublime. To conclude a panna cotta al pistacchio with dark chocolate sauce. I'm still not sure how the chef got so much pistachio flavor into that cream - but it was delicious.
        Needless to say I went back again two nights later, this time to try some meat dishes. Once again I was the only one, until just before leaving. I started with the chef's version of puntarelle (chicory stalks) and anchovies. It was a cleaner and lighter version than the traditional version. I followed with paccheri (an oversized rigatoni) with a meat - wine ragu. It was scrumptious, though there might have been just a little too much wine in the sauce. I then had the tagliata ( a cut of beef) pan seared and topped with a mixture of winter greens (spinach, swiss chard, chicory) that had been sauteed in butter. The greens almost melted into the meat and were as rich in flavor as any I have ever eaten. No room for dessert that evening, but the house offered a glass of grappa which I gladly accepted.
        Both nights I had a half bottle of wine, one white, one red. Nothing exceptional. Both nights dinner came to about 50 euros. Well worth it.
        The chef is doing wonderful things with local and seasonal ingredients. If you are going to Milan, find your way to Mistral!

        Ristorante Mistral , Viale Monte Nero 34, Milano

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        1. re: bropaul

          thanks everybody for the tips.

          One more quick question, what about PIZZA, the best places?

          1. re: coldheart


            This entire website might give you lots of tips of how to find exactly what you are looking for in Milan. Browse through the various categories.



            1. re: barberinibee

              Really nice find...

              I've recommended Sibilla on here before but no time like the present. All the pizzas are good but I mostly go with the marinara pizza--no cheese just delicious tomato sauce and garlic. "Spotted by Locals" likes the calzone but I am lukewarm about it. The rest of the menu offerings are cheap and decent for the price.

              Rossopomodoro is good but I prefer Sibilia. The one I have been to a few times is at Largo La Foppa 1 right near the Moscova stop. Sibiila is not too far away.

              When I first moved to Milan I loved "Osteria Dei Vecchi Sapori" but I haven't been there for a few years. They have two locations. The one at Via Carmagnola 3 is big and fun. The one at Jacopo Verme 14 is smaller and more intimate. They definitely try to make classic Italian food from different regions at a very good price.

        2. Just to give my 2 cents: international food in Milano can be pretty good, especially Turkish doner kebabs (which are very cheap) and a few Brazilian churrascarias. There are lots of Chinese restaurants but it's hard to be sure of quality. In addition, there's an Eritrean restaurant near Porta Venezia, Massawa, , which has been there forever and is an interesting experience.

          It's up to you if you want to try any of these international places while you're in Milano or just stick with good Italian food.

          As for places with students, rockers, etc. definitely head to the Navigli area! It's where everyone goes to get an aperitivo and hang out and it's very picturesque.