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Jan 13, 2011 10:07 PM

Tastykake maker: Financial issues could force sale
Running out to the 24 hour market to stock up now!!!!!!

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  1. Please save the Kandy Kakes!!!!! Those were a staple for me when I was pregnant with one of my kids!

      1. If they go under then I have no reason to visit my family in Philly.

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        1. Sorry... I just don't get the whole Tastykake thing -- and I'm from the Philly area. Now Drakes cakes, OTOH, are something to talk about -- I'd take a Drakes Yodel over a Swiss Roll any day!

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          1. re: CindyJ

            Swiss Roll? That's not a Tastkake product, is it?

            I think the loyalty to Tasty is from when they were strictly local and so used real butter, milk, etc. Everything else we referred to as "chemical cakes." When I was in school in Ohio, my friends loved when my parents visited as they brought boxes of butterscotch krimpets, chocolate cupcakes, juniors, etc.

            I just watched the local news, and apparently Tasty has a reprieve until the summer. I wish them well, as they employ a lot of local people. But I must say, I haven't eaten a Tastykake in many years.

            1. re: CindyJ

              Drakes cakes are (or were) great, too. I do have to say it seems like they've changed the recipe over the years, It seems like they've gone from really dark chocolate on the outside to more of a milk chocolate.

              Cindy, both Yodel's and Swiss Roll's are made by Drake's. I don't know if they still make the Swiss Rolls, though.

              1. re: JohnE O

                As a matter of fact, it's Tastykake that makes the Swiss Rolls.

                1. re: CindyJ

                  They do now, but Drake's was the one I remember growing up in the 70's:


                  Drake's didn't have any chocolate enrobement.

                  1. re: JohnE O

                    Ahhhh... like a Yodel without the chocolate coating, eh? I was a Drake's kid, myself. LOVED their Ring Dings!

                    1. re: CindyJ

                      I seem to recall that the Drake's Swiss Roll was about 2 to 3 times the size of a Yodel (the package info says 4 to a box). Okay, this whole thread is making me hungry.

                      1. re: JohnE O

                        That's how I remember as well, the yodel was about an inch in diameter and the swiss roll was almost twice that.

                        I was a yodel vs swiss kid.

                    2. re: JohnE O

                      funny, i don't recall ever seeing Drakes Swiss Rolls - i always assumed they were just a Little Debbie product. and i didn't understand why anyone would want to forgo the chocolate coating and choose those over Yodels or Ho-Hos :)

                  2. re: JohnE O

                    CindyJ is right. as she mentioned above, Yodels are the Drake's version of swiss rolls.


                  "Regardless of what happens, he said Tasty Baking will "remain focused on operational efficiencies, growing the business and continuing to produce, distribute and sell Tastykake products to our customers and consumers."

                  looks like they're not going to disappear just yet.

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                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                    Huge sigh of relief! The peanut butter ones are my favorite. But butterscotch krimpets and even the little rectangular pies (apple and cherry) are comfort foods to me. I thought I was standing on solid ground with tastykakes! What's next? Girl scouts selling yoga mats instead of cookies???

                    1. re: givemecarbs

                      LOL! well, based on what everyone's been saying about the deterioration in GS cookie quality in recent years, they might be better off ;)

                      back in my personal training days i had a client who was obsessed with butterscotch krimpets & My-T-Fine pudding - his mother would bring him a supply when she visited from Jersey and it was a constant argument between us. we're still in touch and i thought about e-mailing him the article but i didn't want to encourage him to stock up "just in case!"

                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                        My-T-Fine is still good. Had two boxes of the vanilla pudding last week. Stillsweet as sugar.

                      2. re: givemecarbs

                        but over the years the quality and taste deteriorated to the point of crossing into DNR.

                        Rememeber when the cheery pie package exclaimed. "Pie may include pits." That was a precursor to things to come as in "coffee may be hot."