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Jan 13, 2011 08:14 PM

Pudong (French-Chinese), SF Upper Market

I saw a mention that Pudong is now open, a French Chinese place. Anyone try it yet?

2029 Market (at Church)
Upper Market

Website not working yet:

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  1. Only been there once, but here is my take: If you've been to Shanghai 1930, you will probably have a good idea of what to expect. The place is run by Shanghai 1930 veterans, including the chef. Supposedly, the kitchen may not be able to handle as large a menu as Shanghai 1930 and it seems like they want to have a bunch of French dishes on the menu in addition to the old Shanghai 1930 favorites, but all that may be work in progress. The space is quite nice, used to be Mecca. I liked Shanghai 1930 and once this place gets finds its stride, I expect it to be a decent replacement.

    1. I thought it was terrible. Generic chinese dishes, no dumplings or Shanghainese specialties at all. I kept comparing it to PF Changs.

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      1. re: DezzerSF

        I think they intended to do dumplings originally but they may have fallen victim to the limitations of the kitchen.

      2. When I walked by to check the menu, it seemed severely limited!!! Quite mundane...didn't excite me at all!

        It was an expensive remodeling, and if the menu offerings don't dramatically change, I can't see how they'll survive...I was so looking forward to one "good" Chinese place in my far this does not fit the bill.

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        1. re: ChowFun_derek

          Are the prices reasonable enough despite the "mundane" selections?

          1. re: vincentlo

            The prices reflect the renewed surroundings..and I suppose the presentation...not sooo high, but certainly not bargain food.

        2. I stopped by here yesterday.
          Live nearby and only now just noticed it had reopened since Mecca.

          There's nothing french on the menu.
          They are billing themselves as a kind of dim sum place now, though it seems the full-on dim sum menu is just sunday afternoons, and they are not doing it with carts or anything.

          The regular menu is much more limited than Shanghai 1930 was, but they do have a basket of steamed dumplings.

          They've also got a $38 8-course tasting menu kind of thing.

          Looks like they may still be a bit confused about where they are going.

          But I loved Shahnghai 1930 and will definitely give this a try soon.

          1. Went by last night and there was a sign in the window saying the place is closed due to mechanical difficulties. Not sure whether this is a temporary or permanent closure. Sorry to see the place close so soon, if that's the case.

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            1. re: DandySF

              I have read reports in several places, including on CH that Pudong closed permanently after about three months in business.