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Jan 13, 2011 06:24 PM

New Cuisinart Electric pressure cooker... tips and recipes please!!!

I have just come home from Costco with a Cuisinart Electric pressure cooker and am attempting a 55 min pot roast. While at the store I also several pounds of short ribs - so if the pot roast is successful, next go the ribs. Any thoughts or suggestions for to-die-for short ribs? After being "scarred" by my mother's pressure cooker experiences... I am so excited about trying out this old-school-new-fangled gadget!!!!!
Any and all thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. Does it have a recipe booklet? That probably is the best place to start.

    Do you know what pressure this uses? Non electric ones typically are 15psi (at least in the USA), but I'm not sure about this electric one. If the pressure is different (likely lower, 10psi?) cooking will take a bit longer.

    One pressure cooker author, Lorna Sass, recommends a slow pressure release (see the PC instructions) when cooking beef. This gives the meat time to relax and produce a more tender product.

    A PC blog

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      FYI - Cuisinart electric pressure cooker: high = 15 psi low = 10 psi (approx). So I've been experiment with a measure of success. Yes, the pc is definitely the way to cook. Through trial and error, I concur with your pressure release comment. The pot roast was indeed fork tender in just 60 minutes but being too anxious to taste the results, I performed a quick release.... which seems to make the roast "seize up" a bit. The ribs were cooked on high were naturally released. Much better texture - though I wonder if this is due to the higher marbling?
      Chicken thighs (40 garlic chicken) did not seem to benefit/suffer from quick/natural release. Equally tasty and tender both ways.
      Next on the agenda... dried beans, steel cut oatmeal and artichokes - all items that I think will benefit greatly from being cooked in the pc.

    2. I also just got the electric pressure cooker from Costco. As a newbie to this I was a little hesitant to use a stovetop PC, it just scares me. And, between school and job hunting, I like the convenience of putting everything in the pot and letting it do all the work while I get things done in the house, garden, or run errands.
      The first stock I made turned out excellently. I used chicken backs, chicken leg quarters, carrots, celery, onion, bay leaf, dried parsley and dried thyme and a quartered sweet potato. The sweet potato got super mushy in the PC but it added a very distinct flavor. The stock seemed too sweet at first, but after salting and the introduction of some chicken meat and carrots and celery it was quite good. After this I made beef stock, but it was weak, probably needed more meat (i put in mostly oxtail and bones) and then more chicken stock using the remaining chicken leg quarters, some wing tips, parsnips, carrot, celery, leek, onion etc.... This also came out weak, i think i should have used backs again.
      Tonight I'm going to use some turkey backs I found at Whole foods, along with a turkey wing and some turkey drumsticks and see how that works. I'll roast them in the over first and report back tomorrow. I'd love to see more recipes that apply to the electric pressure cookers... I'm not too thrilled with the pamphlet that Cuisinart provided as it has a very small selection of "basics" like stock available.

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        I have been using this pressure cooker for over a year, and I LOVE it. I love being able to use it to cook in and not even use it as a pressure cooker. Browning meat and making Spaghetti sauce in it, and set to simmer for several hours is such a great thing, just stir and walk away again! This is a great pot, and I am sure that by now you have found lots of uses for it. The ones you use on the stove are so very different then the ones your mom used, that could blow up. But I like this electric one so much better, and I used to use those old rocker pressure cookers!

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          I have an electric pressure cooker (though not the Cuisinart... I have the fagor 3-in-1) and I have found that I can use any pressure cooker recipe with it. I particularly like anything by Lorna Sass. Because mine cooks at a lower pressure (around 10 psi) I add 1 minute for every 15 minute of cooking the recipe calls for. And I don't put it under water for quick release. But other than that, I use the recipes as they are. I love my pressure cooker and use it all the time.

        2. I have a stovetop pressure cooker and love love LOVE it. It will make quick work of any braise - carnitas takes top marks in our house, but you could also do a tagine, chicken cacciatore, etc. We also make big batches of various beans -- refrieds, frijoles de olla. Chickpeas too for chana masala or even for hummus. Saveur had a great (and very spicy) veg chili recipe:

          As others have mentioned, stocks are great. I freeze the leftover bones from a roasted chicken and once I've collected enough craps of carrot, celery, onion, parsley, it all goes in the pot.

          My favorite ... steamed artichokes -- 8-12 minutes means this is a vegetable I can eat on weeknights.

          1. More fun and games with an electric PC
            like altering its cooking temperature (and pressure).

            1. I used a stove top pc for years. My son just bought me a Cuisinart, and I made beef stew today. Just awesome. 16 minutes and it is done. I do want to buy a pc cookbook, and next I am going to try Chili Colorado (which usually takes me 3 hours on the stove.) I will probably have to thicken it a bit when it is done.