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Jan 13, 2011 04:56 PM

Vegan cheese alternatives

So I am trying to go vegan after being a lacto-ovo vegetarian for over ten years. I have had no problem giving up milk, butter, eggs, etc., but have really wanted cheese the last couple of weeks (I know, everyone says that cheese is the hardest thing, that eventually I will not miss it). Whole Foods had the "Follow Your Heart" brand on sale today, so I bought one of each flavor. I tried the "Nacho" flavor and it was DISGUSTING, both raw and melted. Does anyone know if the other flavors are as bad? I would hate to open them just to throw them out- I would rather get my money back. I also bought the "Daiya" shreds and they are OK. Are there any other brands that are any good?

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  1. Daiya is probably your best bet,
    There;s also "sheese" that kind of reminds me of that cheddar cheese that comes in the red tub...

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      2nd the vote for Daiya. I had to go dairy and soy free while BFing my milk-allergic baby and this was a great find.

    2. You can get your money back from WFM regardless of whether you've opened the packages or not.

      1. From what I hear (haven't tried them all), the Nacho flavor is the most popular flavor of Follow Your Heart.

        If you want truly great vegan cheese, see if you can find Dr. Cow cheese:

        It's cultured and aged. And delicious. And quite expensive.

        It may be enough to inspire you to make your own--which is the best thing to do, anyway. There are tons of recipes out there for seed and nut cheeses; even Chocolate and Zucchini gets into the act: (I have not tried that recipe, however)

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          Thanks, I am going to try this cashew cheese recipe. I mixed some macaroni with the FYOH nacho stuff and just started throwing things in (nutritional yeast, herbs, garlic, hot sauce) but it still had this plastic chemical taste.

          1. re: NCVeggie

            Sorry about the FYH cheese; I hope you were able to return the other flavors.

            If you're looking for a firmer cheese than that recipe makes, you can use cheesecloth to let the cheese drain instead of just leaving it in a bowl. I also prefer onion to garlic in cashew cheese, but I prefer onion to garlic in most situations.

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              Yeah, I actually used both in the first batch. I also made a second batch with some pimentos, roasted yellow pepper and hot sauce (left out the lemon juice and wine). It looks and tastes somewhat like nacho cheese, and is especially good warmed up. I will have to try the cheesecloth idea next- thanks!

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                I'm glad the recipe was at least somewhat successful; I like adding peppers as well. Sundried tomatoes are also a tasty addition when blended with the rest of the ingredients.

                The spreadable "cheese" is pretty great when put on top of a casserole and baked. If you're into that kind of thing . . .

        2. I have not tried these, but I was reading this blog a few weeks ago and there was a cheese comparison:

          1. The Kitchn did a post on vegan cheese this week:

            I have never tried vegan cheese so I can't offer any useful advice but thought I'd pass along the link.