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Jan 13, 2011 04:45 PM

Vegetarian Sausage?

I recently bought a vegetarian cookbook. Several recipes call for vegetarian sausage. I looked at the Whole Foods in Clarendon, but they do not stock it. Any suggestions? The author implied that vegetarian sausage would be easy to find.

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  1. Depending on what kind of sausage you need, they shouldn't be too hard to find! I've seen Soyrizo at Giant (there's usually a small section of refrigerated case in the produce section devoted to veggie stuff) that's a veggie version of chorizo and it's quite good. There's also the Field Roast brand of Italian and apple-sage varieties, which I haven't had in awhile but remember as being good. Tofurky and Morningstar both make bratwurst-style sausages that I've seen in the freezer section with the veggie burgers.

    My favorite thing to do for sausage-replacement is to whip up my own with a block of tempeh and this great recipe - - it's great for pizza or in a gravy-biscuit situation!

    Hope that helps!

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      In the past, I have gotten very good vegie Italian sausage at Trader Joes. I have also gotten the vegie chorizo at Giant.

    2. I buy Field Roast sausages at the Whole Foods in Annapolis. MOMs also carries them. Did you look in the refrigerated tofu area? That's where the Annapolis WF has them. Both stores carry several other brands too, but we prefer the Field Roast.

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        This is the best brand, by far. The ingredients are great and the sausages are absolutely delicious.

      2. Morningstar has a pretty good vegetarian breakfast product, I get mine at Balducci's. I've tried brown rice and vegetable protein based recipes and have been unable to top it, they just got it down.

        600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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          You can find Morningstar (Boca, Soyrizo, and a few other brands) at Giant and Safeway too. Look in the vegetarian freezer or refrigerated section.

        2. Did you ask? WF is where I buy the majority of my fake meat. I can't believe a particular location would not have it. You may have just overlooked it because the packaging does make it look like meat. It's available refrigerated and frozen. My preferred brand is Gimme Lean sausage style which comes refrigerated in a tube. Morningstar sausage crumbles are also good (frozen) and Trader Joe's fake chorizo is amazing and spicy--it's inside a casing but comes out loose.

          1. Oh, and in terms of price, I find WF, Target and TJ's the cheapest. The major grocery stores are very pricey.

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              Thanks for all of the great suggestions!