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Jan 13, 2011 04:29 PM

Decent food+beer to go with football this weekend?

Hi - Boston 'hound here! We're heading up to Portland this weekend ('cos it's not cold enough down here!) and we are looking for a pub/restaurant with comfy bar with decent food and beer to watch football Saturday and Sunday. Audio of the games would be great, too. In the past we've gone to Sebago for this purpose, but we felt that the games were secondary.

Are there any good sports-centric places in Portland?

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  1. Binga's Stadium on Free St. downtown, across from the Civic Center.

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      I tend to go to Binga's Winga's for most of my football bar needs. Big tv's behind the bar. Giant tv's on some walls and small individual tv's in the booths. Really good beer selection and very good wings. For more interesting food (not as good tv) just around the corner is Nosh - Man vs Food was there - really good refined bar food. Up the street grab a slice at Otto pizza. Get to know the place before their Harvard Sq. Location opens.

      1. re: bobbert

        Thanks! We'll check out both Binga's and Nosh.

        Any opinions out there on Rivalries or Frosty Pint? Avoid or not bad for a game?

        1. re: digga

          Never been to the Frosty Pint but location is a few miles from downtown with not much around. Rivalries is in the Old Port and is definitely a good place to watch the game though I prefer Binga's for wings. If you go to Nosh, their fries are different but very good and anything with pig belly works for me. My favorite was the pig belly reuben which is not on the menu right now but they made me one last time I was there. Double up on the lipitor before you eat there. Don't take lipitor? You'll need to after you eat.

          1. re: bobbert

            I laughed so much at your comment, bobbert, that I had to chime in.

            I really enjoy Nosh but I wouldn't go there to watch the Patriots this afternoon. Their food is great and their beer selection is wonderful but it's not your typical sports bar with grunting beefy guys, girls with pink Pats jerseys, and boisterous cheering, which, let's be honest, we all want a little bit on a day like today.

            On the other hand, I love both Rivalries and Binga's Stadium. The food, the beer, the atmosphere, the plethora of tv's...these places have got it all.

            1. re: obraustin

              I agree with you. Thinking Nosh more from a CH perspective rather than football. Definitely one of the others for the Pats game with Nosh as an either before or after for better food.

    2. A quick summary of our trip. (Don't even get me started about the Pats game.)

      We poked our heads into Nosh for the Ravens-Steelers game Saturday at ~5pm and, unfortunately, the bar was already full. But as bobbert writes, it would've been perfect for a game that we wanted to watch, but it wasn't OUR game. Oh well,...the menu sounded right up our alley. We panicked (LOL) and went to Sebago. Not a bad choice. There was audio and we sat at the bar for the entire game. We had pub pretzels, B had the steak salad which he liked and I had the way-too-rich mushroom ravioli. We had a good time, chatting with our neighbors. No time for dinner since we had tickets for a show at One Longfellow Sq (George Cole, which was GREAT). Sunday, we had brunch at the Front Room. The two far seats of the bar, away from the cold front door area, opened up. Tomato lentil soup was delicious as was the brown bread. B loved his corned beef hash. For the game, we decided to do Rivalries since I don't eat meat and B wanted me to have a few more food choices. It was great for game-watching (we snagged an upstairs table with a TV right in front of us) but food-wise, I was too stressed to eat so we got veggie nachos which B loved. We finished the night at Three Dollar Deweys, wallowing in our (very good) beer. Today, we had coffee, chai, and honey oat toast at Arabica. Lunch was at Pai Men Miyake. That hit the spot on a chilly but beautifully sunny day. We started with the fried Maine shrimp with a mayo-ish dipping sauce. A bit on the salty side but a squeeze of lemon countered that. I had the veggie ramen which was comfort in a bowl, but a little bland. It had soba-like noodles, which were really good (and seemed house-made). Towards the bottom of the bowl, though, the flavors were fuller. Also, a sprinkle of sachimi helped. B got the kimchee pork belly ramen. He made me take a sip of his broth and a taste of his springy ramen noodles. Wow. The milky broth was rich and satisfying and the kimchee added just the right amount of acidity (full disclosure: I am Korean-American). Yum. We were wishing that Bostonians had a good noodle bar. We have been bemoaning the lack of one for many many years. Thanks for a fun weekend Portland, despite the painful Pats' loss.

      Front Room Restaurant & Bar
      73 Congress St Ste A, Portland, ME 04101

      Three Dollar Deweys
      241 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101