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Jan 13, 2011 04:08 PM

Seville Oranges or Bigarade Oranges

Where could I find in LA Seville Oranges or Bigarade to do my wonderful Marmalade recipe?

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  1. Are Seville oranges the same thing as the ubiquitous Cuban "naranja agria" or sour orange? Been dying to find these around here!

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      Yes, also known as "naranja amarga," "naranja andaluza," "naranja cachorreƱa," "naranja bigarade," "naranja de Sevilla," and "naranja cajera."

    2. They are usually around a few weeks a year at farmer's markets. Cant remember off the top of my head when that is. Other than that they are very hard to find.

      1. They should be in season now, right? Has anyone seen them around at any particular farmers markets? I need to find some this week...

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          Assuming roughly similar climates in Seville and SoCal, they should be available between now and early April. I was in Seville in early April a few years back and some were still ripe on the trees then. (The Spanish themselves don't seem to have much use for them, but I know they export a lot to the UK for marmalade making).

          1. re: Bradbury

            Yeah, they're supposedly great for marmalade making. I'm excited to try to use them to cook a Yucatecan dinner this weekend...

            1. re: noahbites

              If you don't find fresh, look in a Latino market for the juice which is probably in a box.

              You cn mix reglular oj with vinegar or just use apple cider vineagr. Vinegar gives the dish the sour flavor and tenderizes the meat. There are a few other substitues if you are interested. I don't have my Mayan cookbook right now but if you are interested in a back up plan, I'll get it back to find out what they are.

              1. re: rworange

                Cool. Yeah, I've used some substitutes, but I've been eager to see how it turns out with the real thing.

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                  The Juice comes in a bottle, shelf stable (Because they are so sour) but with a few preservatives, so the texture is slightly off and the sharpness not as pronounced. Still, much better flavor than the vinegar/oj trick...


            2. re: noahbites

              Ask around I believe sour orange are used a lot as root stock for the other varieties

            3. I think they're in season around March. You can get them from one or two farmers market vendors (usually by request only) and maybe from a couple of local orchards. For sure, one of the citrus vendors at the Wed and Sat Santa Monica markets can bring them. I think it's a min 4 lb order, and they are expensive-ish.


              There are also some gardens which have them as noted in the thread above.