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Jan 13, 2011 03:26 PM

Recommendations needed

My son is graduating from high school in May. There will be a big group of family and friends, around 25 or so.
The graduation will take place near Firewheel in Garland and it will be at 2:00 p.m.
So what I am looking for are recommendations for either a fabulous brunch prior to graduation or a place we can have an early dinner following graduation.

I look forward to all of your suggestions!

Thank you!

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  1. Correction: Graduation has been moved to SMU....

    1. Sparkles, this topic was just presented less than a month ago and there are several very good recs at the following link:

      1. Just went to Crossroads Diner yesterday and it has spaces that lend itself to parties such as your's. It's on Walnut Hill; just a few exits north of SMU. Not open for dinner as far as I can tell; maybe for private parties....but a great place for brunch.

        1. We just recently had a 21st birthday party for my son at Cafe Istanbul and it was fabulous!!! I went beforehand to pick out the food and had them serve it family style. This helped to control costs and keep things running smoothly. They were able to seat us in a somewhat private area, which really made it nice. The best part, however, was the belly dancer. She was absolutely amazing and really made a fuss over my son!!! We brought a cake, and afterwards, they cut and served it for us. Everyone had a terrific time and I'm sure my son will remember it forever. Perfect place for a graduation party!

          Cafe Istanbul
          5450 W Lovers Ln Ste 222, Dallas, TX 75209

          1. Location has changed to SMU, which is probably better and opens up a whole other world of possibilities!!!