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Jan 13, 2011 03:17 PM

Bejing Duck House

Driving up Rosemead Blvd just north of Longdon lately I've noticed a sign for a new restaurant (still under construction) were a sports bar used to be. The sign says Bejing Duck. Has anyone heard about this restaurant? Will I have finally have the oppertunity to try Bejing duck three ways? Will I find enough people to go with me to get through tsuch a meal?

So Chowhounders anyone? anyone?

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  1. Ooh!

    Can it be????

    My understanding (based on nothing but conjecture) is that there are legal limitations in building and using a real Beijing Duck oven in Los Angeles. It uses a very specific, tall, wide-open hearth which probably violates all kinds of health & safety in the workplace regulations. But I'm the first to admit this is entirely specious. Please prove me wrong, mysterious new Beijing Duck Restaurant on Rosemead.

    Mr Taster

    1. They've been doing that remodel or construction or whatever it is for nearly a year now.

      1. Wait, confused... they do duck three ways at Duck House (formerly signed as Lu Din Gee, and still signed as such in Chinese). You do need to call in advance, though I find the duck superior at Irvine's Tri Village.

        Tri Village
        14121 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92620

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        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Before I ate the duck at the Tianmen Quanjude in Beijing, I considered Lu Din Gee acceptable. Now I am spoiled for all other ducks :)

          Mr Taster

          1. re: Mr Taster

            Da Dong is the best! Sorry Taster...

            1. re: tissue

              Didn't make it to Da Dong but I'll take that as a challenge next time we go.... our other two ducks were at Li Qun in the hutongs and Made In China (the "fancy" duck restaurant at the Hilton).

              Both were sub par compared to the deep, rich smokiness of the meat and wafer-like texture of the crispy skin at the Qianmen Quanjude. (Though I must say that the remainder of the duck courses were forgettable.)

              Mr Taster

              1. re: Mr Taster

                li qun was good but i felt like something was missing. i think mr taster hit the nail on the head....the meat was just ok and the skin was not crispy enough.

                please note li qun is on the dirty side and smelled horribly....which is due to them drying duck carcasses in the dining area.

                1. re: wilafur

                  I love the smell of drying duck carcasses in the morning.

                2. re: Mr Taster

                  Was that Quanjude or Qualude?


          2. I've seen that for a while too and there doesn't seem to be much progress. Wonder if it is from the same people who were trying to open a duck place in the vacated newport seafood spot on las tunas.

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            1. re: chezwhitey

              I live a few blocks away and I've noticed progress has been slow. I haven't bother to try peeking inside to see if I can spot the type of oven they use.

              I hope its a true duck-centric restaurant and not just a name.

              1. re: Johnny L

                I hope its a true duck-centric restaurant and not just a name.


                Or a Chinese sports bar ... like it's predecessors.

            2. I've noticed that they have cut a number of openings in the walls and have put in new windows. It appears they are making progress.