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Jan 13, 2011 02:35 PM

Stellar Pizza in the Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove Area

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that has very good pizza in the area. Not a run of the mill pizza joint but perhaps a good Italian restaurant with very good wood fired pizza? Thanks.

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  1. Check this place. We have yet to try it, had res and had to cancel...darn. Going to check it out this spring. It really gets good reviews.
    It is located in downtown Carmel.

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      Cantinetta Luca does have very good pizza. Also consider La Bicyclette a few doors down. They are not strictly Italian, but have recently expanded and added wood-fired pizzas. I haven't tried them yet but reports have been good.

      Cantinetta Luca
      Dolores St Carmel-By-the-Sea CA, Dolores St Carmel-By-the-Sea, CA

      La Bicyclette
      7th Avenue Dolores, Carmel, CA 93923

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        The Butternut Squash pizza was amazing!

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          Mom and I tried La Bicyclette last month when we were staying nearby, our first time. We started with a stone fruit salad, $8. I was overjoyed by the freshness of the greens (mostly arugula), balance of flavors, and light touch with the dressing after some not so stellar meals away from NorCal. This place knows how to make a salad without drowning it in bad dressing.

          Then, Calabrese pizza (wood-fired) with nduja sausage, caciocavallo cheese, red peppers, squash blossoms and summer squash. We waited an inordinate amount of time for this. Whe the lukewarm pizza was delivered, it was clear this had been sitting for some time waiting for someone to bring it to our table. Because it was late, I didn't ask for it to be refired fresh for us. The crust had stiffened up and the overall effect was much too salty. On the positive side, a nice smoke nuance from the wood fire.

          La Bicyclette
          7th Avenue Dolores, Carmel, CA 93923