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Jan 13, 2011 01:08 PM

Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder -- Gray Ooze

I finally used my meat grinder (for Asian chicken patties with semi frozen breasts) and a gray ooze was coming out of the middle area. I tried flicking that part out. I'd washed it well before use. Now, I'm reading reviews on Amazon about this and some people think it's a bad design and harmful. Those who called Kitchen Aid about it were told it's harmless.

Also, mine came with the plastic pusher; I'd rather have the wooden one; any suggestions on this?

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  1. May be caused by packing grease, try running some bread through it to clear it out.

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    1. re: SanityRemoved

      I've read through some reviews on Amazon and some people think it's metal shavings. Ugg! One person solved the problem by putting a cap from a marking pen over the round metal thing in the middle -- it catches the ooze. Now, I'm a bit put off and sorry I bought this.

    2. The only thing that made my KA meat grinder usable was by first slicing and then basically freezing the meats before grinding. Otherwise it ended up getting pushed through the edges of the die causing that awful grey mush.

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        Mine was way more than half way frozen.

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          you can also stick the FGA in the freezer a few hours before grinding.

        2. Then I have no more help....right now our KA grinder is sitting in the very back of the cabinet, too much trouble to deal with!

          1. we've had a kitchenaid grinder attachment for over 25 years. used it exclusively until we got a commercial grinder. still use it when we grind small batches (2 lbs or less). with the exception of sharpening the blade every year or so, have never had a problem of any kind. both of our daughters have newer ones and also have never encountered "gray ooze". maybe there are some defective ones out there?

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            1. re: justanotherpenguin

              Although I don't use my KA grinder much since getting a dedicated 1/2 hp grinder, I did get the gray lubricant ooze. Not when the mixer was new but as the motor struggled to keep up I did start to get more grease in my ground meat.

            2. If you Google the subject dozens of people have the same problem, so I don't think it is random defective pieces.....though I would be they made better ones 25 years ago.

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