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Jan 13, 2011 12:52 PM

Penn Dutch

Anyone shop there? I went around Christmas for the first time, the one off of Sample Rd. I didn't buy too much but I was impressed with some of the prices. They seems to have great weekly sales . I need to load of my cooler and hit it again.

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  1. Their prices are very good, but I don't like the quality of their food.

    1. I've been to the one in Hollywood- I like the produce, very fresh. But Food Town, down Stirling from there, has my vote for better meats and seafood. I was able to buy about 8# of skirt steak for $3 and change a pound. And they cleaned it!

      1. There's a big difference between good prices and good quality. Unfortunately, I've been completely disappointed with their meat department. But their produce has been consistently good.

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            Produce is definitely a plus at Penn Dutch Hollywood. Better to stop in weekdays when it isn't overwhelmingly crowded. There are often unexpected delights that inspire me to cook new things. You could stage your own home version of CHOPPED with a few wild cards from Penn Dutch...

            I've read about people joining food co-ops and navigating strange ingredients that show up in their weekly baskets but I prefer picking up one or two "odd balls" at PD and then figuring out ways to utilize them to jazz up my meals. Great fresh herbs, leafy culantro, big bunches of chive flowers and sometimes just a great price on ordinary veggies (5 for $1) I've paid much more for at Publix that were not nearly as fresh...

            We stick to the produce and some "staples" from the meat section. The loss leaders are definitely appealing so grab a flyer on the way in.


        1. Definitely hit or miss. Among the hits are the Turkey Sausages (Breakfast and Italian), most of their poultry including a better selection of fresh Turkey Parts (Legs, Wings, Thighs, & Breast) than most grocers as is the packaged corned beef. I always stock up on the Whole Grain Pasta and definitely the produce.

          Among the misses are the less than fresh condition of the deli cold cuts and seafood, all of the cheeses that taste exactly like the store smells, and most definitely the clientele on the busier days.