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Jan 13, 2011 12:33 PM

Taipei beef noodle soup festival 台北國際牛肉麵節 2010

So the annual Taipei beef noodle soup festival recently came and gone and I totally forgot about it.

This winner of the (red) stewed category is very interesting, Master Hung's, 洪師父麵食棧 who has been a repeat winner (and nominee and runner up winner) in the past. His signature bowl called 唯吾獨尊
won top place, and here's a pic from their website:

Description: The cuts of meat include the tip of beef shank that's the least oily/greasy, honeycomb tripe with the most flavor, tendons, and slices of USDA prime rib (very unusual, considering last year's contestants pretty much imported all their beef from Australia and insisted on it), and what might just be the beef front knee

It appears that this bowl costs US$29....yikes and the culprit appears to be the particular cut of beef knee used.
The bowl looks barbaric, but delicious!

Other than that, there were 108 participants, many familiar and usual suspects from the last 5 years.

The winner of the category for most creative beef noodles is this one (a cold rendition


More footage here, circa 0:51 mark

But with that said, this doesn't necessarily mean Master Hung's is the best in Taipei, but at least it is worthy of note for those interested. Beef Noodle Soup, like Hainan Chicken Rice in Singapore, is a very personal bowl of comfort food, so of course there are numerous variations and preps to cater to different tastes and preferences.

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  1. That bowl of beef noodles (with the woiks) from their website looked insane! I can imagine why Master Hung won. I also love the red stew variety, drool!

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      I do want to try Master Hung's red yeast and tomato broth beef noodles, sounds interesting.

      Master Hung's has 3 locations. My guess is stick with the flagship main location if anyone tries it out.

      1. My dad and I went to try it out. The store manager was very enthusiastic, and we did quite enjoy it. Especially the clear broth beef noodle soup -- well balanced, very flavorful, more akin in my mind to pho with a different flavor profile but the same umami. The red stewed version (winner in 2007) was more delicate than most red-stewed flavor beef noodle soup, and not oily at all, with a more subtle flavor (actual beef flavor?) than what I was expecting. Almost a more subtle, upscale version of beef noodle soup. There are slices of prime rib in it, yes. It's not the belly-busting, hearty, soul warming bowl that I would go for on a cold winter's day, but I did quite enjoy it.

        1. an English writing blogger finally gets around to covering the Taipei BNS Festival 2010:

          (not affil'd, just came across it)

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          1. re: TonyC

            Thanks for the link! I'd rather be at that festival than going to some Japanese themed fair at a Mitsuwa supermarket in California. The only setback is having to eat beef noodle soup off some takeout carton, as opposed to a porcelain bowl with a soup spoon. Reminds me too much of cup o' noodles.

          2. touched down in oinker's paradise a few days too late! (i am in Hakka heartland Hsinchu at the moment and have had other soups but not beef noodle kind.)

            my guide book has a few beef noodle soup recs for TPE. i can eat noodle soup every day, twice a day is no problem :)

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            1. re: Pata_Negra

              Perfect country style home cooking around Hsin Chu. I could use a plate of julienne ginger stir fried pork intestines, Hakka mifen stir fry, or stir fry ban tiao (like Cantonese ho fun but no meat), or mi tai mu (rice udon), and of course pork belly with bamboo shoots like this one


              1. re: K K

                yes the cooking here in Hsinchu is homey and humble. there are quite a few places where you select your bits and they cook up an enormous soup. so good and for only eur.2.00!!! i had goose last night with that lovely juliienne young ginger :)

                i like pork belly with bamboo shoots (seen in pic link) but IIRC it also has hard boiled eggs, no?

                going to Beipu tomorrow for more Hakka food. sorry i've highjacked your beef noodle thread. maybe i should use the 'what's for dindin' thread instead haha...

                1. re: Pata_Negra

                  The hard boiled egg is usually not served with the pork belly, although the marinade could be similar. They call them Lu Daan (marinated egg), and is one of numerous soy sauce marinade snacks. The marinade contains soy sauce but also a ton of herbs and spices (star anise being one of them, maybe bay leaf) that is somewhat similar to Cantonese Teochew/Chiu Chow marinade, but a different animal altogether. Other common marinated snacks include thick ribbon like seaweed (hai dai), dried tofu strips (dou gan), chicken feet (ji jua). Very easy to find as street food too where there are probably 20 to 30+ items to choose from. In fact some of these are perfect appetizer side dishes before you indulge in a beef noodle soup. Should you make it to Taipei, hit up a place called 72 beef noodles (get the clear broth rendition), and their stir fried village style Lu Wei, where the wok heat gives the marinated snack mix an extra punch of appetizing deliciousness.

                  Eat some Hakka Taiwanese style pig feet, and try Wan Luan Ju Jiao (although that one might have more Pingtung southern origins)...the receipe combined with fresh local pork (and with the tendons intact) is quite unbeatable.