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Jan 13, 2011 12:17 PM

Good food AND sports in Charlotte?

Hey all,

I'll be in Charlotte this weekend (Jan 14-16) and I've been reading up on where to go. Miro? Roosters? Bonterra? Carpe Diem? Alexander Michael's? Fran's Filling Station? I've been to Good Food and love it, may have to go back (but I love trying new awesome places).

BUT THEN I REMEMBERED THE PLAYOFFS! I really want to watch football on Saturday (I leave Sunday morning), so I'm looking for the best place to get decent food AND watch the game in a decent atmosphere (as in, not a 13" TV at the bar of a really fancy restaurant where i can't yell stuff like "Someone stop that motherfucker!").

Not that I would ever yell things like that. =)

Suggestions? Oh, I'll be staying somewhere in Uptown (either Aloft or Dunhill, most likely), but I'll have a car so I can drive).

And, for that matter, if you had ONE last meal in Charlotte, cost is no object, where/what would it be? (Friday night is still wide open)


Alexander Michael's
401 W 9th St, Charlotte, NC 28202

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  1. In Uptown, I'd probably pick Molly McPherson's, a Scottish pub, as my first choice. Rock Bottom Brewery is also decent, with good beer and decent food, not great, but better than you'd expect.

    In Southend, Icehouse is also decent, again with better food than you'd expect, but it's very loud. (Depending on your age you may not care). Further afield, there is a Taco Mac in Southpark; they have a great beer selection but the food is terrible. I'd give serious thought to eating at the restaurant in the Dunhill (I'm drawing a blank on the name...) and going elsewhere to watch the game.

    Right now, if I had only one meal to eat in Charlotte, it would be at Soul Gastrolounge. They arevreally on top of their game. However, I have little experience with Charlotte's super high end places.

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    1. re: jla1960

      Molly McPherson's definitely looks great -- thanks!

      I ended up making reservations at Dunhill's hotel, but I probably won't have dinner there -- the Sunday brunch looks fantastic, so I'm definitely looking forward to that before I hit the road, though.

      1. re: Skidmark

        The restaurant at the Dunhill is now called Harvest Moon Grille.

        All the places I think of with good TV watching have crappy food....Icehouse did come to mind, their food is decent (wouldn't go there just for the food).

        If you know where Good Food is, head up the street to Duckworth's. A lot of TVs and pretty good bar/grill food. And the best beer selection in the city.

        Harvest Moon Cafe
        234 Broad St, Rome, GA 30161

    2. If I had to list good places to watch sports (meaning you will have no problem seeing a TV) that also serve at least halfway decent food (granted, all bar food, but decent bar food), I would suggest (in no particular order):

      Duckworth's (good wings and sandwiches)
      Mac's Speedshop (good bbq and brisket)
      Icehouse (good all-around menu of bar food)
      Liberty (if you sit at the bar ... and not to be confused with Liberty East) (decent all-around menu, with non-bar food and some bar food)
      Whiskey Warehouse (not to be confused with Whiskey River) (good ribs and wings)
      Big Daddy's (good burgers)
      Kickstand (decent burgers ... not as good as Big Daddy's but TV's everywhere)
      Solstice (decent all-around barfood)
      Picasso's (Dilworth location) (decent pizza and good wings)
      Moosehead (good sandwiches and wings)
      Hef's (great sandwiches, wraps and burgers)

      That's all I've got for now.

      1. Anybody try the Lodge yet out @ Colony & Rea - they've got lots of TV's and I think the food is great! Burgers (beef, bison, turkey, etc) Sandwiches, salads, specials...