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Jan 13, 2011 12:13 PM

help please where is good pho and or indian in montreal?

Hi fellow chowhounders, i am in the process of relocating to montreal, and I couldn't survive without these two staples in our diet. We need great pho, and great indian, especially butter chicken(although technically its not really indian)
please help

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  1. sana has a very good butter chicken and a great chana masala that they call chana chick peas. The taste is unique to them since never had the same anywhere else in town.

    What I noticed is that each place has their own kind of butter chicken. But the real original recpe is yet to be found by me in Montreal.

    For soup you have many good one around town. maybe if you tell us where you be located then we can guide you unless travel is not a problem.

    The last pho i tried is La saigonaise on cote des neiges. (search for my review by clicking on my name). Very good tasty broth

    Sana Restaurant Halal Food
    655 Rue Jarry W, Montreal, QC H3N1G3, CA

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      I agree, I really love the butter chicken from Sana
      655, Rue Jarry Ouest, Montreal - (514) 274-2220

      Also, just last night I tried the butter chicken from Delhi-Bombay Curry & Naan - different from Sana's but still good.

    2. Pho Lien is a must in terms of Phó

      1. Montreal's "little India" is on Jean-Talon between Ave du Parc and Blvd Acadie. There is where you'll find excellent and tasty Indian at very affordable prices. I've yet to find such good value anywhere else in the city. These are not fancy places or remotely high-end. Here's an extensive thread on Indian, if you haven't already seen it:

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          You have to add the same limits but on Jarry street!

        2. Pho Lien for beef, Pho tai ho for chicken, Bombay mahal for indian.

          1. I have always had great Indian at Gandhi in Old Montreal. A bit pricier than other Indian restaurants in the city but it's still not crazy expensive, and the service is always great. Otherwise, I also recommend Le Taj on Stanley, just south of Sherbrooke, though I heard that they are closed for this month of January. I recall it being similar in price to Gandhi or maybe slightly cheaper. They also have a lunch time buffet. Mysore on St. Laurent, north of Rachel, is also commonly named as a good Indian restaurant but I have yet to be impressed. And don't go to Rajput on Prince Arthur, just east of St. Laurent--most horrid Indian food I've had in my life. I'd say that Montreal is not the place to find a plethora of good Indian restaurants; I might be accused of being biased though since I'm originally from Toronto where there are many, many Indian Canadians and Indian restaurants.

            For pho, I had a good one on Friday at Saigon VIP in the Concordia Ghetto, on Sainte-Catharine just east of Saint-Marc. Super cheap (less than $10 per dish), it even has those Vietnamese pancake appetizers that you can't find at all Vietnamese restos, and students also get 10% discount.