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Jan 13, 2011 12:05 PM

Winter Destinations

Hi Everyone,

My wife & I will be taking a trip to Quebec from Feb. 17-21 and we were looking to branch out from our usual dining options. Our favorite restaurants are Toast! in the Lower Town and Le Billig and Il Teatro on Rue St. Jean. We for some other options with an emphasis on casual dining in or around the old town. Any comments would be appreciated!

Le Billig
526 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R1P6, CA

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  1. It's a bit away from old town, maybe 15-20 min walk outside the walls, but my current favorite is L'Affaire est Ketchup, recently opened (nov 2010), located at 46 Saint-Joseph Est, in basse-ville. It's pretty small - seats 20 or so - so better make a reservation. Its owned by a cook and a somelier. It's the second best meal I've had. (First being at le Saint-Amour, but the bill was also 300$ more than at L'Affaire est ketchup!)

    Le Hobbit, a bit closer to old Quebec is nice, on Saint-Jean.

    And if you're interested in burgers, salad, european pizzas, I'm a fan of Au bonnet d'âne, on Saint-Jean also.

    Au Bonnet D'ane
    298 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R1P1, CA

    Hobbit Bistro
    700 Rue Saint-Jean, Quebec, QC G1R1P9, CA

    L'affaire est ketchup
    46 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec city, QC G1K 5T3, CA