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Jan 13, 2011 12:02 PM

Latino supermarkets

Does anyone know anything about the various latino supermarkets in New Orleans? Can anyone give a recommendation on a place where the employees speak some English that has a good selection and fresh products?

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  1. Ideal on South Broad (200 block, I believe) would be a good bet.

    1. The former Union Supermarket that was on S. Carrollton underneath Rock & Bowl moved out to Kenner - they have a good selection of items and they have daily lunch specials. Union Supermarket, 2105 W. Esplanade Ave. #A, Kenner, 504.469.1861.

      There is another Latino market on Florida Avenue in Kenner, Los Latinos Grocery (504) 443-1029 3521 Florida Ave Kenner, LA

      Here is a list of ethnic markets in New Orleans

      1. I've been shopping at the Ideal Market a lot lately. They have some geat stuff, especially in the meat and cheese departments. I wasn't crazy about their prepared foods though.

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          I tried the Ideal on 18th near Severn and was quite pleased. Found everything I needed.

        2. do any of the stores mentioned sell huitlacoche?

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            Email Chris DeBarr, he is the only chef that I know of that uses. He may get it locally, don't know. Contact info on his blog.