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Jan 13, 2011 11:54 AM

Celina Tio's restaurant

Has anyone been to her restaurant in Kansas City, Julian? I'm probably having lunch there tomorrow and would love to have peoples' input and suggestions.

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  1. It is quite good. I had the short rib sandwich and my girlfriend had some sort of soup and a flat bread. I really like Julian. Chef Tio actually waited our table which was really cool.

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      I second the rec of the short ribs--really good!

    2. I ended up having the smoked salmon on caraway pain perdue with creme fraiche, bleu cheese arugula salad with black pepper walnuts and red wine pears, and the extremely yummy cocoa bread pudding. What a treat. Chef Tio was greeting people at the door, and was very sweet about letting me get a picture with her. She was on the phone when I left but smiled and waved goodbye. I'm definitely going back--maybe to try the short rib sandwich!