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Jan 13, 2011 11:30 AM

Cheap food in/near Union Station or Eaton Centre after 10pm

I'm headed to Toronto for a business meeting next Monday. I'm not hugely familiar with Toronto, particularly the downtown area. I'm arriving by train and staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre.

I'm looking for suggestions on where to eat.

I arrive at 10pm and will be looking for something to eat when I get there. It's pretty late, I'll be by myself and there'll likely be snow and I'd prefer it to be a place that's very easy to get to. I would be taking the TTC from Union Station to the Marriott.

Last time I did the same trip (arriving at 10pm), I grabbed a hot dog from the hot dog stand outside. I'd like something a bit better this time.

I'd like an Indian buffet or something, but none looks convenient to the hotel. Alternatively, I would be happy to get takeout anything and eat in the hotel. Indian/Malaysian (I like a good curry), Chinese, good sandwiches, or whatever would be ideal.


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  1. I would go to Yeuh Tung on Dundas at Elizabeth (2nd floor)...they are open 'til 11 pm on Monday evening...depending on your timing you could eat there or get take out to take to the hospital...have a look at the menu...

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    1. re: tochowchick

      10 pm is a tight time. If you love Indian - you could try to order from Amaya beforehand, pre-pay and have them deliver to the hotel.

      Banjara is another option for ordering in, but again, you're tight on time as I think they close at 10:30 pm.

      If you get in before 10 pm, go to Kenzo - just west of Bay and Dundas and about a block from the hotel.

      Those are my initial thoughts.

      ... while neither restaurant is outstanding, rather than Yueh Tung, I'd go to Hong Shing just a block or so further west on Dundas.

      796 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G1L7, CA

      Yueh Tung
      126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

      138 Dundas St. W., Toronto, ON , CA

      1574 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA

      1. re: Tony Calgary

        I would suggest Kenzo too. Recently I went there at around 10 as well, in need of a quick bite. Service was friendly and it did not take long for the food to arrive, which was appreciated because it was getting late for us too. I think ramen and maybe a side of takoyaki would be perfect for a late meal like this.

    2. That hot dog stand you mention (the one between the Union TTC Station and the entrance to Union Station lower concourse) is my favourite hot dog stand in the city. Buns are always super-fresh. I usually get the spicy Italian sausage.

      While 7 West serves mostly mediocre, forgettable food, their club sandwich is decent, and they are open 24 hours. Within a 10 minute walk of your hotel.

      Most Indian restaurants downtown (such as Kathmandu, which is a short walk from your hotel) close by 10 pm on Monday nights.

      There's a Ginger that serves cheap Vietnamese food close to Yonge & College, but I'm not sure if it's open after 10 pm on Monday nights. Maybe another CH can pipe in.

      Lots of Chinese restaurants will still be open, so take-out/delivery might be the best option for you. I haven't ordered from Yueh Tung or Hong Shing, but Yueh Tung generally gets more love on this Board. If I was going with at tried-and-true (as in, a place I've tried), I'd order take-out from Rol San or Swatow on Spadina in Chinatown, both of which are open late AFAIK.

      Here are some downtown restaurants that have availability for 10:30 pm next Monday, that would be less than $30 pp, although none are "cheap":

      7 West
      7 Charles St W, Toronto, ON M4Y1R4, CA

      1. Paramount

        253 Yonge just south of Dundas Square opposite the Eaton Centre in the old Superior.

        Inexpensive middle eastern in an interesting space. Open till 11 it says. Takeout, too. Great kebabs, so-so sides (all the same). Pita made on premises.

        1. I am getting in pretty late and I know i'll be rather tired. Plus I'll want to check in and drop off my (small) luggage at the hotel before I go to seek food. delivery sounds like it would be ideal for me. That way I won't have to head out yet again.

          Yueh Tung sounds pretty good actually....and it's not too far a walk. I'd like to stick to a fairly close walk because I actually find the Path rather confusing. I'm reasonably good at finding my way around...but I don't live in a big city and the crowds of people are a little much. The last time I attempted the Path, I got rather twisted around and ran out of time to figure it out so gave it up.

          So wherever it is has to be relatively simple to get to as well :)

          Thoughts? Any other delivery options or takeout that's really close to the Marriott?

          I also need to be able to grab some take out on Monday afternoon on my way out to eat cold on the 5pm train. Wonder what kind of food would be good cold? I'm thinking fried rice or singapore noodles from Yueh Tung perhaps?

          I was thinking of eating in a restaurant near Union Station...but i'll have my rolling carry on with me and it will just be too weird to go into a restaurant with that in hand!

          Yueh Tung
          126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

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          1. re: elainesj

            Restaurants downtown, especially those close to Union Station, are used to dealing with customers who have rolling carry-ons with them. It would not be "too weird" to go into a restaurant with that in hand. Usually, the restaurant will put the suitcase in their cloakroom (if they have one), and some restaurants, especially if they aren't busy or crowded, will let you keep the carry-on near you at the table. I would feel perfectly comfortable bring a carry-on into any restaurant downtown.

            1. re: elainesj

              The signature dish of Yueh Tung is chilli chicken IMHO

              Yueh Tung
              126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

              1. re: garfield

                Agree with the chili chicken! My preference is for the Dry Chili chicken on a sizzling plate...much better than their saucy version IMO!

              2. re: elainesj

                O & B Cafe is just across the street from Union Station if you're looking for sit-down convenience, or if you want fancy take out, Japango makes excellent sushi (for Toronto anyways) and is located next to Yueh Tung.

                If you're lucky when you get in, they might still be open as sometimes they seem to be open a bit later when it's busy!

                122 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G1P5, CA

                Yueh Tung
                126 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G, CA

              3. Jut found out that Amaya's delivery is done at 9:30pm.

                Looks like I'll have to make the trek to Yoeh Tung unless I walk past something that looks good.

                1574 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4G3B7, CA