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Subway's Veggie Rip-off

I realize that most fast-food places aren’t interested in attracting vegetarians. But the fact that many will have at least something on the menu reflects a token recognition that some of us might occasionally pass through their doors. I’ve choked down a BK veggie a couple of times and have been grateful for their effort.

But a recent trip to Subway with a group of people left me flabbergasted. Their “veggie delite” sandwich turns out to be nothing more than one of a half-dozen other choices, simply without the meat. Salad on a bun? – okay, I can live with that. But not only do they charge the same price, they don’t even compensate for the deleted meat; I had to pay for extra cheese and avocado.

Have never encountered a rip-off of this magnitude!

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  1. i have ordered that sandwich many times in the past, and it was always the cheapest one on the menu. it was never the same price as a meat one. that's weird.

    1. Um. It's been that way for decades.

      1. Isn't everything at Subway a rip-off? Well, except for the meatball sub...heh.

        1. I worked at subway while going to college. The products are cheap and the veggie sub is a rip off because it doesn't come with anything extra.

          Here is the thing they don't tell you. Their products are cheap and the 5 dollar foot long because a 10 dollar foot long to add extra cheese meat and such. You might as well go to a better place that sells higher quality and get a quality product. If subway is the only place you can eat you can try these suggestions.

          Ask them for a different kind of cheese, the default cheese is white american and not only is it lower quality and cheaper for them to buy but usually the white american has the smallest cheese slices.

          back when I worked there we didn't have toaster overs but you can ask them to toast it with the cheese on it first, let it melty and then add the toppings.

          Look at the veggies they are putting on your sub, ask for a different tomato if they put one on there that doesn't look good.

          Also being a little precise makes things easier for the worker and you. A lot or a little of something is hard to pin point but saying, 3 tomatoes and hand full of lettuce etc you'll get want you want.

          Sauces you can add any sauce you want for free, or you should be able too.

          Also some stores do sell veggie patty subs can't say much for the quality or the taste as I've never eaten one.

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            Thanks for the helpful tips! There isn't many quick sub places around here so hopefully this will make it a little easier for me to get what I want.

          2. Walking into Subway thinking you're not going to be disappointed is just setting yourself up for disappointment. It's the absolute lowest-common-denominator fast food joint. I was in Mexico recently passing restaurant after restaurant offering great and middling food options when I happened upon a Subway. Happily (for me, at least) it was empty but still depressing when you consider it wasn't even the cheapest food option on the street. I had the same experience in Europe. There is no more depressing a sight than a Subway in the middle of 18th and 19th Century buildings.

            1. The sad thing is that near my work place, the Subway is about the ONLY option for sandwiches that serves a veggie option.
              A great independent sandwich place closed down (don't know why). It served a good variety for everyone, including 2-3 really good vegetarian options.
              But they went, and we got Jimmy John's and Subway. JJ has NO vegetarian options. The Subway has something mysterious called "Veggie Patty" - I've tried it, and it's OK in a junk food sort of way.
              So, given these limited options, Subway gets some of my business......

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                Jimmy John's does offer a vegetarian sandwich. I think it's really delicious. I also think the veggie patty at Subway is good. It kind of reminds me of a Gardenburger patty.

              2. I'm a bit surprised that they haven't caught up with many other sandwich places and put some falafel or hummus on the menu.

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                  Ask and ye shall receive. But only if you live in Chicago.


                2. The funny thing to me is that it isn't really meat that they use on their sandwiches, it's more of a processed chemical loaf with food coloring added to look like the meat that they claim it to be. You're not missing much. Probably a ten or twenty cent difference.

                  1. I've never eaten at Subway but was planning to stop there today after work, it's right next door and they're giving out free pastrami heroes if you buy a drink. Hope I'm not making a terrrible mistake!

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                      Once again, there is no magic in retail food pricing (restaurants); in order to sell it "cheap" you must buy the lowest priced ingredients,! That being said; don't forget you are eating it!!!!

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                        Nah my husband will be eating it, if it's no good I have lots of backups in the fridge. Since pastrami isn't the healthiest meat out there, probably no biggie for a one time treat. I will report back if he has anything to say later. Just hope they're not charging $5 for a drink....

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                          My husband enjoyed his sandwich, even though the Subway owner insisted on piling it with dill chips, despite my saying no pickles. I don't think he spoke English very well, glad I was able to just hand him the coupon. We ate about an hour later, so I opened it up and toasted a bit; the pastrami was real, although not very fatty. My SIL in Georgia happened to call and said Subway's been advertising this pastrami like crazy? Anyway now my husband said why don't I buy pastrami more often, so next time it will home made on rye. At least I was able to get a fountain Fuze as a drink so no complaints at all.

                    2. My experience in markets is that I can get cheap meat for less than any vegetable. Per pound. So maybe Subway should charge extra for the veggie sandwich.

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                        I don't know, most Subway's I've ever been to pile the sandwiches with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber etc.... we're not talking fennel or roasted eggplant here. Besides, the vegetables come with every sandwich as it is.... why would they charge extra for the absence of ingredients?

                        1. re: im_nomad

                          I get everything except cucumbers, green bell peppers and one other thing that I can't remember :) I get pickled jalapenos, peperoncinis, olives, etc. Bob and I share a 6"er and we're picking up pieces of vegetables that fall out of the really stuffed sandwich. But since someone pointed out that franchisees have latitude with certain things maybe I got one of the generous ones.

                        2. re: c oliver

                          Most vegetables I buy recently are between 49 cents and $1. Iceberg, cucumbers, squash, onions, carrots, celery, potatoes....don't know about tomatoes because I don't buy them this time of year but I know they are not unusually high right now. The cheapest cold cuts I see are $1.99.

                        3. Pricing is at the discretion of the franchisee, although corporate does "suggest" appropriate levels, just like all chain operations. Here in GA the veggie options are cheaper than the rest of the menu.
                          As for gordeaux's comment about "fake" meat, that's totally wrong. It IS meat, although it certainly is processed, much like Arby's roast beef, etc.

                          1. I work right next door to a Subway and it has an incredibly nice owner so in the past I have patronized them from time to time. However, now that I am cutting carbs and watching what I eat there is nothing for me there. I can't even stand the lettuce because it is that pre-packaged, pre-washed stuff that is sprayed with nasty tasting chemicals.

                            So I just bring my own lean cold cuts, lettuce and tomato, and some ry or wasa crisps when I want a cold cut fix without the carbs and guilt.

                            1. i used to order the veggie delite a lot. i noticed that some subways do add an extra layer of cheese for free and some do not. i think it depends on what the franchise owner has instructed their employees to do. i never requested the extra cheese; it was just automatically added without additional cost to the sandwich.

                              1. Most of the subways I go to have a veggie burger option. It's half decent, but wouldn't go there as a first choice. I agree that the veggie delight is disappointing and would never get it.