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Luckie Marietta District

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With a couple of unexpected days in Atlanta Luckie Marietta District this weekend, any suggestions for dining - from fine, funky to basic good food - would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. http://www.luckiemariettadistrict.com...

    Peasant Bistro is probably the "nicest" option.
    I have heard good things about Max's and Der Biergarten.
    STATS is your go-to sports bar for the NFL games....

    1. thats not far from the Omni hotel,right/ Therse several goo spots in there to eat,plustTacoMac if you want to watch the Falcons game sat Night--Hawks are in town too,sat at 7 if you want to see a BB game instead--therell be lots of tickets available outside on Tdecwood drive.Alos a decent food spot in the Gelnn Hotel,and a Ruths Chris in the Emabssy suites