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Jan 13, 2011 09:00 AM

Good breakfast and Seahawks

Where can I go in Seattle and have a really good breakfast while I watch the Hawks?


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  1. Kona Kitchen usually has the games on (maybe call and confirm that it will be on, I haven't been on a Sunday in a while). I'm a big fan of their spam fried rice with a red beer for breakfast . Best hangover cure I've found in Seattle.

    Kona Kitchen
    8501 5th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

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    1. re: Brunhilde

      i love kono kitchen in North Seattle. they have maybe the BEST pork/spam fried rice i ever tasted. i think they just call it pork fried rice but not sure. there Loco Moco is delish also.

      1. re: mikeeatsalot

        They call it spam fried rice, but it also has BBQ pork in it.

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      1. Any updated spots for an early Hawks game and breakfast? Downtown would be preferable.

        Metropolitan Grill's Seahawks Sunday Brunch looks good ( but is probably too rich for our blood when you factor in a couple drinks.

        BOKA has a blog post from a similar brunch event last year. I see they were voted "best hotel breakfast" but IMO that's a pretty dubious distinction. Their happy hour was OK from what I recall.

        The divier, the better.

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          1. re: mcmullek

            Hi, McMullek:

            I agree the Attic is a great choice. Two more are: The 5 Point (in the bar) downtown, and Bad Albert's in Ballard.

            IMO, 5 Point rates 8/10 for food and 10/10 for dive factor; a minor national treasure. Great music to watch a game by, and their Bloodies are Olympic-class.

            Attic food is about 8/10 and service is approaching 2/10; not exactly a dive considering the profligate wealth of the 'hood, but historically significant and fun. They've been crazy limiting their beers to placate the IPA crowd.

            BA's is now starting on its third iteration. The breakfasts are still working themselves out. Biscuits and crab gravy rates 10/10 if they'll do it, and the way BA's seating works, there's not a bad seat in the house for watching games even if it's standing room only. Old space, new buildout, dependable.


            1. re: kaleokahu

              Thanks @kaleokaku & @Jeri L

              I was nervous about snagging one of the booths at The Five Point in time, so we planned on The Attic (our standard spot post-dip at Madison Beach).

              Unfortunately, life had other plans as I rolled my ankle while running to catch a Rapid Ride after a v. long lunch at Loulay and I've been stuck on the couch ever since.

              Thank goodness for online shopping and Met Market hot food takeout!

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                5 point also includes an environment that is conducive to expanding your vocabulary. Last time I was there I learned the word "callipygous."

                1. re: alarash

                  It's 'callipygean', but you are forgiven because I know you were busy ogling the object of my reference. Her name is Kat.