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Jan 13, 2011 08:41 AM

Pre and Post Marathon Meals

Hey can you guys help...there's a group of 8 of us coming to New Orleans from Nashville the week of 2/13 to run the marathon...which is Sunday.

We were looking for a great place to eat the night before, maybe carbo loading, and then a celebration on Sunday night

We were thinking NOLA or MURIEL's for post race....good choices? Both can seat us still.

Any other suggestions? We'd like to stay in the French Quarter or close by if pos.

Tank you!


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  1. Either one would be good for post race, NOLA being more industrial and Murials old world.

    I'm not sure where I would eat pre marathon. So many of the "better" restaurants can be so rich with ther pasta dishes. Dominica might be one choice. I would eat anywhere the menu looked acceptable for my stomach and digestion and not be concerned about it being rated mediocre or good...until Sunday night.

    1. You may want to give A Mano a shot for your pre-race meal, if you want to carbo load a little bit. It's in the warehouse district (a nice walk from the French Quarter) and its focus is handmade pastas. I'm running the race, too. Good luck!