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Jan 13, 2011 08:21 AM

Help: Fix this soup!

So I tried a recipe for red lentil soup that deviates from how I usually make it, against my better judgment. Essentially you put red lentils, mirepoix, garlic, water, & cumin in a pot and boil it for 30 mins. and then puree it with the immersion blender. Basically, I've ended up with a bizarrely runny yet pasty black hole of flavour. The texture is not so much the issue as the complete absence of taste; it feels like it's sucking flavour out of my body, it's that bad!

So far I've tried to no avail:
Adding lemon juice, evoo, salt/pepper and southwestern spices
Sauteing garlic, apples, and onions in butter, adding it & some garam masala & heavy cream
...Both still tasted bland, even with a 2nd increased addition of the ingredients.

I love lentils so I don't want to trash the rest [it made a huge pot]. My thinking is that by not frying up the veg in oil first, I've lost the window of opportunity to add any taste later on [?]. It was meant to be a healthy recipe, so if anyone can fix the taste issue in that manner, I'd be super grateful...

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  1. Reduce it until it tastes better. Add some sausage and/or chicken base if you are not a vegetarian. You've already ditched the healthy part, having added butter and heavy cream ;-D If it still needs brightening, sweet balsamic vinegar.

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      Thanks g, will try it soon... sausage does make anything taste good! It was meant to fulfill our 3x week all-veg dinner, but I have no problem adding chicken stock and other meats to it :)

    2. I would just continue to add more salt and evoo until you get the right flavors.

      1. If you have already gone the Indian route with garam masala etc, add some chopped cilantro to brighten up the flavor.If the soup is not thick and creamy enough, some boiled and mashed potato, or just more lentils cooked and mashed up could get it up to a consistancy you are looking for.If you have some rasam pwd , you could add a little to some of the soup and boil it and check if you like the flavor.

        1. I agree and if really watery would add small amounts of just granulated chicken or vegetable base to the soup. Adding pre-made stock would work but would also require some amount of reduction to counteract the amount of plain water in there now.

          Flavored sausage, either fresh or dried and linked a'la chorizo is a great idea too.


          1. Definitely think sausage sounds like a great idea especially with the apples and garam marsala. I can't believe it is bland after what you put in it the second time because I was kind of salavating while reading it.

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              I know, right? But sadly, no... even with more of the add-ins than I would ever use when making the soup from scratch, it was still a black hole of taste.

              Well I have tons of batches I can alter, so I'll try all the suggestions. Thanks all!

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                How about adding in boiled potatoes and roasted garlic, then pureeing again with the blender?